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New NLB Service Delivers Library Books Straight to Your Doorstep

NLB Borrow-n-Deliver Service
NLB Borrow-n-Deliver Service
  1. From 12 June 2023, NLB’s Borrow-n-Deliver initiative offers patrons doorstep delivery of 4 library items for $8.
  2. The service aims to make reading and learning more convenient under LAB25 initiative.
  3. The Little Book Box expands its offerings to include Mother Tongue Language titles for young readers.

Wah lau eh, NLB is now like your own personal book grabber or what!

NLB is introducing a new service called Borrow-n-Deliver leh.

So you can get books sent right to your doorstep lah. Cool or not?!

Say goodbye to heavy bags of library books

Ah, remember those days when we had to lug home tons of books from the library?

Umm, the back pain sia! But now, errr, no more!

With this Borrow-n-Deliver service, library items will reach you like magic.

Well, almost. It’s like having books walk to you, like, “eh, you there, come to papa!”

You can browse & select up to 4 library items online and enjoy convenient home delivery.

But hor, there’s a catch: You need to pay $8 mah, before GST ah.

Hey, you expected free delivery meh?

Not just for books, also magazines and audio-visual materials

This service is like an ice kacang stall that sells not just shaved ice, but also all the toppings you want, lah!

You can get books, magazines, and even audio-visual materials from the library, brought to your doorstep.

Tell me that’s not cool, bro!

Delivery service available islandwide (including Sentosa)

Hello, friends in Sentosa, don’t worry.

Your fancy houses can also get this service lah.

As NLB’s CEO, Mr Ng Cher Pong, said: “We are excited to try out a new way of bringing our library’s collections right to your doorstep” – so everyone can benefit hor!

To enjoy the Borrow-n-Deliver service, you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. be a NLB member;
  2. have no unpaid fees/charges in your membership account; and
  3. have not maximised your loan quota allowed under your membership.

The Little Book Box now caters to Mother Tongue Languages

And guess what else they’ve done?

Bae, The Little Book Box now offers Mother Tongue Language titles for young kids, leh!

They want to make sure that Singaporean children are exposed to different languages, lah.

I mean, come on, some of the popular titles are “猜猜我有多爱你 (Guess How Much I Love You)”, “Sang Kancil Dengan Harimau (Sang Kancil and the Tiger)”, and “நமக்கென ஒரு வீடு (A home of our own)”.

Since May 2023, the Little Book Box subscribers pay a nominal fee:

  • $10/month for home delivery; or
  • $8/month for self-collection from a Pick locker (before GST)

And get the following options:

  • Receiving 8 English books; or
  • 4 English and 4 books in their preferred Mother Tongue Language (Chinese or Malay or Tamil)

Sounds fun right?

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Borrow library items without leaving home through the Borrow-n-Deliver initiative.
  • Invest in the growth of young minds by getting them Mother Tongue Language titles from The Little Book Box.
  • Feedback can be emailed to to help improve upon these services.

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