Police Bust Yung Kuang Road Scammer: Learn How to Be Safe!

Victim of a Rental Scam
Victim of a Rental Scam
  1. 34-year-old man arrested for rental scams along Yung Kuang Road.
  2. At least 28 victims targeted by the suspected scammer since August 2022.
  3. Police warn public about rental scam prevention measures.

Hello sis, wah lau eh! Da SPF arrested one dude for dem rental scams, you know?

It’s all up on SPF’s website, and there’s like 28 peeps who got conned, can you imagine?

What happen, you ask?

This bugger, 34 yo man, went and cheat peeps on flat rentals along Yung Kuang Road.

Ah, so smart, hor? He got ppl’s deposits after they want rent bedrooms or whole house lor.

But then, he ghosted them with lame excuses.

Umm, yeah lah, he also did visa application scam.

Bromigo, got scam level up, sia.

Uh oh, now?

5 April 2023, SPF like *boom* and caught dat scam master.

On 13 June 2023, they charge him with cheating, ahh, under Section 420 of Penal Code 1871.

If he kena, uh can get 10 years jail and fine too.

So how liddat? Rental Scam Prevention, leh?

Dude, Police gotchyu back. They give us tips to not kena this sort of scam lor:

  1. Don’t give advance dough till you sure-sure can rent. Pay rental deposit and rents only by cheque or bank transfer lah, more legit.
  2. Visit the pad you rent to see how legit and no funny business one, can?
  3. Double confirm who you rent from, check their I/C or work visa thingy, unless it’s from licensed estate agent or registered salesperson, ok lah?

Aiseh, don’t worried, still got scamalert.sg and Anti-Scam Hotline at 1800-722-6688, if need more info nia.


  • Be extra careful when house hunting online, don’t fall prey to scammers.
  • Ask for proof and verify, verify, verify!
  • Share the info with others so nobody kena his scam again.

Look sis, life’s like a plate of rojak, ya know?

Got good, got bad, but ah, it’s up to us to be a smart consumer and watch out for red flags, hor?

Don’t get makan by big, bad wolves in the rental market.

Stay safe, stay smart and chope your dream home before someone say, “wah lau eh, I kena scam again.”

Hmm, what do you think bro? Ever almost kena rental scam? Tell us down below lah!

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