Rental Bias For Single Parents In S’pore: Young Mum Shares Shocking Tale

Rental Bias For Single Parents In S’pore: Young Mum Shares Shocking Tale
Rental Bias For Single Parents In S’pore: Young Mum Shares Shocking Tale - Image via Artist Impression
  1. Single parents face societal challenges in finding housing in Singapore.
  2. Public opinion considers empathy for the struggles of single-parent families.
  3. A shift in awareness and support for single parents is desired.

Hey Singapore! Ever wondered how tough life can be for single parents here?

TikTok (minnalovpipo) video sheds light on how difficult it is for single parents in Singapore to find some ah?!

A lady brings up the lack of empathy and conscience when she struggles to rent a house while being a single mom.


Is Singapore an unsympathetic society? #singlemother #children #singlefather #rentaroomsg #rentaflat #husbandwife #divorce #cerai #family

♬ Emotional Cinematic Sad Violin and Piano – ISAo

Wah, Single-Parents Got It Tough!

Aiyo, Singapore is like so unfeeling for these single parents trying to rent a house.

With a child in tow, property owners and agents act almighty aloof, preferring to rent to companies instead.

“老板不想租给家庭, 他们想租给职业公司这种”, she said.

Honestly though, these people got no chill.

Opinions from the Kiasu Camp

Then, some supporters can understand why their landlord’s scared.

They argue that children might dirty the walls and stuff, and house owners can’t trust the tenants fully.

True, but one-two bad experiences don’t say all families the same, right?

Single-Parent Families Deserve Love Too

Our fellow Singaporeans suggest that instead of judging and doubting, how about changing the mindset?

Try to help these single parents in need!

“请你们帮忙一下他们”, as the lady said it.

They too just want to find a cozy place to live.

Take a stand and put yourself in their shoes.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • If you’re a landlord or agent, give these single-parent families a fair chance.
  • Open up to the idea that single parents deserve love, care, and consideration too.
  • Lend a helping hand or a listening ear to single parents when they need it the most! Don’t shy away.

In conclusion, this lady just wanted to raise awareness about the woes of single parents in Singapore.

Let’s all strive to be more understanding, compassionate, and supportive of their struggles!

And remember: Together, we can make a difference!

How about you? Have you or anyone you know faced similar issues?

Share your thoughts and experiences with us below!

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