Age Just a Number: 55-Year-Old Becomes Singapore’s Oldest Mum (in 2022)

Age Just a Number: 55-Year-Old Becomes Singapore's Oldest Mum
Image via Newborn Baby Boy

Do you ever feel a dash curious about surprises life hands out every now and then?

Do you find it fascinating when the usual boundaries are crossed?

If yes, then put away whatever you’ve been doing for the last five minutes, and keep some time free.


For an incredible tale about an unstoppable lady, often addressed as the Oldest Mother in Singapore for 2022!

The Straits Times reports that, in 2022, a remarkable Singaporean woman, at the ripe age of 55, welcomed a baby boy into the world.

This incredible event marked her position as the oldest mother of the year.

  1. A 55-year-old woman gave birth to a baby in 2022, making her the oldest mother to a newborn in Singapore for that year.
  2. There’s an increasing number of women aged 50 and older giving birth.
  3. Women over 50 generally rely on assisted reproductive technology to become mothers.

The Stork Doesn’t Check Birth Certificates!

Let’s start with the basics.

In 2022, out of about 35,000 women who sketched smiles on their faces with the magic of motherhood, only one was 55 years old or above.

Quite the unique story, this one.

Our heroine isn’t just the oldest mother in the year but is also only the third woman of her age to experience this joy since 1989.

Dr Suresh Nair from Monash IVF Singapore had a patient aged 52 give birth and told ST, “Their need to have a child is so powerful, that they would go through all the hurdles and risks to have a child.”

A Different Kind of Baby Boom

Our oldest mother in Singapore (in 2022) isn’t alone in her endeavour either.

The trend of late-in-life mothers is blossoming like daisies in spring.

For example, popular actress and singer Liu Ling Ling gave birth at the mature age of 50 in 2013, using in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).

However, the doctors do express caution of higher risks such as miscarriage and other complications.

With the progress of time and knowledge, people are beating the odds, it seems!

Imagine the Possible!

  • With the help of IVF, women can conceive far later than in past generations.
  • Advanced technology now permits women even into their 50s to fulfil their motherhood dreams.
  • Wisdom comes with age, after all.
  • The world’s oldest mother gave birth at the age of 73, proving that age is but a number.

This 55-year-old mum is a beautiful example of the triumph of hope, a sign that the spirit of motherhood knows no bounds.

Her story, like a lighthouse on a dim night, inspires and reassures everyone that it’s never too late to craft your happiness; to muster the strength to overcome hurdles; and to rediscover and redefine the word ‘impossible’.

Are you ready to defy odds and conventions?

So, what’s your age-defying story going to be about?

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