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Joker Xue’s Singapore Concert Tickets Gone In 2 Hours, Prompts Extra Show

Joker Xues Spore Concert Tickets Gone In 2 Hours, Prompts Extra Show
Images via Facebook (iMe SG)
  1. Chinese singer Joker Xue’s Singapore concert tickets sold like hotcakes.
  2. An extra show is announced due to soaring demand.
  3. Fans look forward to a cosmic performance with the ‘Extraterrestrial’ world tour.

Hello, Singapore! We’ve got a fantastical story to tell. Tune into the sound of our very own Lion City.

The music scene is humming and the notes; it’s all about Joker Xue, the Chinese music maestro.

The Buzz Around Joker Xue

Joker Xue, an artist who’s on fire with hits.

Sporting a career that spans 18 years, with bangers like “Serious Snow” and “Countless”.

Joker’s concerts, a party to thousands singing his songs in unison.

Ticketmaster noted that the ‘Extraterrestrial’ World Tour, his first solo hive of activity in 2024.

It’ll happen at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

A grand setup for a grand event.

Fast and Furious Tickets

Boy oh boy, the tickets!

Can you believe it, folks?

Two hours, yes; that’s all it took to seal the deal.

All the tickets, gone in two blinks!

According to the The Straits Times, “All it took was around two hours for tickets to Joker Xue’s concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium to sell out.”

No sour grapes; the level of demand was bonkers!

We’ve Got Another Show

Did you miss out?

We’ve got an encore for you.

7 January 2024 – mark the date! We’ve got an extra show.

But guess what? The clock’s ticking; grab your seats fast.

iMe SG on Facebook broke the news, “加场公告:1月7日 星期天 🆕 19:00”.

That’s right, an additional concert. Tickets on sale from 13 October, 10 AM. Got it? Great!

Rollercoaster Concert Experience

Expect a space odyssey, almost.

Joker Xue morphing into an interstellar exec.

He’s got an agenda, destroy Earth or save it?

Wait and watch; the seats are your spaceship!

“Hmm, sounds like a blast, you bet!” you might say. Well, Ticketmaster foretells, “During the concert, Joker Xue will transform into an interstellar executive who descends from an alien planet and is ordered to destroy the earth. On the eve of the destruction of the earth, he is inspired by the beauty of mankind and sacrifices his life to save the earth.”

Join The Bandwagon, Get Your Ticket!

So, are you game?

Ticket prices start from SGD167 and rocket up to SGD377.

You can grab them via Ticketmaster or at SingPost outlets.

Remember, early bird gets the tickets!

Folks, it’s been quite a ride!

What do you say?

Are you going to join the Joker Xue extravaganza?

Remember, in the world of music, there’s only one rule; enjoy the rhythm, dance with the flow!

Who’s in?

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

Meet Patrick, the word wizard of Daily.SG! He whips up news about Singapore that's so simple, even toddlers give him a thumbs up. When he's not writing, you'll find him sipping milk tea, gliding on skates, or striking a yoga pose. Dive into his stories and feel the sprinkle of fun and a whole lot of heart!

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