TikToker’s Hidden Cash Hunt: Prizes Jump to S$50!

From S10 to S50 Excitement Triples in TikTokers Hidden Cash Hunt
Images via TikTok (@Communitybenefactor)
  1. Hundreds of Singaporean TikTok users are scrambling with joy as a benefactor rewards them with hidden cash daily.
  2. A sudden hike from an initial S$10 to S$50 gives users heightened interest in the cited location guessing endeavour.
  3. The initiative receiving mixed responses, the unknown Samaritan continues undeterred, generating intriguing possibilities for locals wishing to try their luck.

The daily thrill for avid TikTok users in Singapore gets real with hidden treasure hunts.

TikTok (@Communitybenefactor) reveals that their preferred hide-out is none other than benches, inciting enthusiastic responses.


Guess where is the location? Let me know if you are the one who found it! Hiding cash daily, follow for more 🤑 #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #moneytok

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Playful Daily Endeavour

Every day, money is stashed.

Tucked away in benches, waiting for a lucky find.

The benefactor encourages followers to guess where next the cash might be hiding.

And there it starts, the chase for fortune, becoming a favourite past-time for many.

Hideaways and Hiding Spots

From the heartlands in Woodlands to bustling Tampines, the city scours for fortune.

Many suggestions pour in as excited users request for their precincts to be the next hideaway.

Yishun, Jurong West, Toa Payoh, Geylang, and even Sengkang.

Everywhere holds the promise of a hidden treasure.

The Public’s Two Cents

Reactions are diverse.

Some show immense gratitude, blessings bestowed unexpectedly.

A fun game indeed.

Others express concern over the staff finding the stash before them.

Real and valid.

There are those who suggest a different route.

Why not feed the workers?

Give to the needy instead?

MS News states, “Mr B eventually increased the amount to S$50, agreeing that one couldn’t do much with just S$10.”

Amidst the complaints, the Benefactor listens and acts.

Behind the Cash Benefactor

A simple TikToker started it.

Inspired by similar deeds of kindness overseas, a path was chosen.

For 1.5-months, the daily stashes in various locations cultivated joy, relief, and anticipation among followers.

His aim? To instil a sense of luck, a feeling of being cared for.

Ethical Considerations

Benevolence or tantalising wastage?

Hidden cash spread daily sparks a debate.

While some applaud the generous endeavour, calls for a more targeted approach to charity emerged.

Food. The needy. Options are numerous.

As excitement escalates, new twists and turns are inevitable.

Where might the next stash be hiding?

Who will be the lucky finder?

How would you spend the found cash?

For the hopefuls and the sceptics alike, one thing has become an anticipated daily staple — the thrill of the hidden cash chase.

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