Anti-Vaxxer Iris Koh Hit with New Charges!

Anti-vaxxer Iris Koh Hit with Incitement, Harassment Charges
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  1. Iris Koh, leader of an anti-vaccine group, faces new charges including inciting harassment against medical professionals.
  2. She is also accused of obstructing public servants and organising an illegal public assembly.
  3. If found guilty, Koh could face jail time and fines.

Iris Koh’s courtroom saga adds a new chapter, spotlighting the edge between activism and the law.

Legal Brambles for Healing the Divide Founder

The saga of Iris Koh, the person at the helm of the Healing the Divide group, continues as her legal troubles deepen.

CNA reports that Koh now faces fourteen counts in all—spanning from incitement to obstructions.

Koh was initially charged over allegations of falsifying COVID-19 vaccination records.

Now, her case grows with charges including rallying group members to bother doctors and confusing government staff.

Previously, her name was Iris Koh Shu Cii, but current court documents show she’s listed as Iris Koh Hsiao Pei.

  • Harassment allegations: Koh allegedly pushed members to target doctors.
  • Obstruction: She apparently planned to stop MOH and MSF workers.
  • 17 May proceedings: The court will meet again to hear her case.

The Case Against Iris Koh

“On 27 Dec 2021, Koh allegedly instigated 2,828 members of one Telegram group and 879 members of another Telegram group to harass doctors at vaccination centres,” as Straits Times explains the depth of the harassment charge.

Koh’s actions are not just a one-off but part of a growing theme of tensions against health professionals.

She reportedly obstructed police officers and tore up a statement during an interview.

These issues paint a clear picture of her avoiding following Singaporean law.

Importantly, the case also involves other individuals, all facing various related charges.

Harassing DoctorsPushed Telegram group members to confront medical professionals
Obstructing Public ServantsReportedly hindered MOH and MSF workers
Illegal Public AssemblyAccused of organising a gathering without permit
Falsifying RecordsPreviously charged with creating fake COVID-19 vaccination certs

Iris Koh’s Backstory and Connections

While the legal proceedings mount, the question of who Iris Koh is tends to come up in conversations.

Some wonder about the important parts in her life, like the role her husband might play.

In this mix of events, little detail is available about her significant other.

Koh’s work and personal goals, especially her leadership of Healing the Divide, have brought her to the spotlight.

But outside her anti-vaccine activism, her personal life stays relatively unknown.

A return to court is set for 17 May, when the legal issues will continue, possibly adding new layers to Koh’s story.

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