Changi Airport Goes Sci-Fi with New Patrol Robots – Are You Safe?

Image via YouTube (ST Clips)
Image via YouTube (ST Clips)
  1. SPF deploy patrol robots at Changi Airport Terminal 4 since April 2023.
  2. Robots can auto-patrol and help SPF make better decisions.
  3. More patrol robots gonna pop up around Singapore soon.

Hey, you know those cool movie robots?

Now got at our Changi Airport Terminal 4 leh!

Since April 2023, Singapore Police Force (SPF) deploy these patrol robots to help their officers patrolling.

Like, extra eyes for them, and make our airport safer also. SPF say like that one.

So big or small these robots?

These patrol robots not Transformers lah, but not small kia either.

They got many functions like audio message broadcasting, visual info on display panel, blinkers, siren, and speakers.

So basically, if got some drama, these robots can set up cordon or warn people before help arrives.

In case you wonder how they see, their extendable mast give them 360-degree field of view.

So basically, like CCTV on wheels lor.

Why SPF need these robots ah?

Not say SPF lazy lah, but these robots help our frontline officers werk more effectively.

With the robots’ help, the Airport Police Operations Room can see any situation clearly and communicate with the public.

So, they can manage the incidents bettah.

Aiyah, nowadays, everything needs technology, must keep up lah!

Then how at other places?

You think SPF stop at airport only is it?

Nah, they plan to deploy more patrol robots across Singapore leh.

Soon, you might find these robots patrolling in your neighbourhood.

Like seeing R2-D2 from Star Wars ah!

So how to handle these robots?

  • First, don’t be scare, okay? They just there to help.
  • Listen to the messages from the robots, they might have important info.
  • Stay calm and cooperate with the robots, like how you would with police officers.

Okay lah, so as you can see, SPF embracing technology and making our lives safer with these airport patrol robots.

Like, imagine they’re your friendly neighbourhood superheroes, just a bit more metal and blinking lights.

Can feel more secure when roaming around, kno’?

Eh, tell me lah, what you think of these high-tech patrol robots?

Good or bad idea ah? Share in the comments, casual conversation can also one!

Check out the SPF patrol robots in action here:

What do you think?

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