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How to Get Banned from Singapore: Causeway Edition Revealed

Photo - Facebook (SG Road Vigilante - SGRV)
Photo - Facebook (SG Road Vigilante - SGRV)
  1. Malaysian driver caught on video cutting queue on Causeway, use bus and lorry lane.
  2. Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) ban both driver and car from entering Singapore.
  3. Police report lodged, investigations ongoing for this dangerous driving.

Once upon a time, hor, traffic at Causeway damn sian and jialat.

Full of queues that seem like never gonna end, can?

So, this Malaysian driver of a black Toyota Alphard decided to do something rather blur sotong, which led to his ban from Singapore.

According to this The Straits Times article, he kena caught on video cutting queue by using the bus and lorry lane. Siao liao, really think he can get away with it?

How It Went Down

The ICA say they know about this video circulating on social media since Saturday.

Dangerous driving ah, like action movie sia!

In the clip, a bus behind the Toyota was waiting patiently, that’s when the two auxiliary police officers went to stop the car.

Aiyoh, the driver simply ignored the officers’ instructions to make a U-turn back towards Singapore and just drove away.

Like got no fear only, I cannot tahan lah.

“The driver failed to comply with the officers’ instructions, and dangerously continued driving forward,” ICA told ST.

ICA identified the driver and now both driver and his vehicle kena ban from entering Singapore.

The case also kena handed over to the police for investigation.

It’s like power ranger episode with the wrong type of hero, leh.

ICA Say Cannot Tolerate This Kind of Behaviour

ICA spokesman said they don’t support errant motorists who purposely break traffic rules.

He said this kind of danger really poses hazards to the officers and other road users, everybody at risk lah.

Enforcement action will be taken against those who kena caught cutting queues.

So, next time you want to visit Singapore and think you can get away with this kind of monkey business, remember this story.

You go ahead act like Fast & Furious, sure kena ban from coming in.

Then how right?

Like the saying goes, “don’t play play” ah, Singapore rules and laws are strict.

You think you hero, cut queue like snake king, but end up kena ban like a blacklisted ang mo movie, can?

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Always follow traffic rules, don’t be a driver that spoils the mood for others.
  • Remember Singapore’s strict laws, don’t play play lah.
  • Plan your time and be patient in queues, otherwise, you may face consequences.

So basically, don’t act like a stuntman and break rules, because the outcome could be worse than the few minutes you save in a queue.

It’s a lesson to remember, especially when it involves crossing borders.

Now the question is: do you think this ban is too harsh, or is it a fair punishment for the driver’s actions?

Tell me your thoughts below, lah!

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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