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New Fee Benchmarks Improve Healthcare Transparency: What You Need to Know?

Artist Impression of a Busy Hospital
Artist Impression of a Busy Hospital
  1. MOH unveils new fee benchmarks for private healthcare sector
  2. Benchmarks adjusted for cost increases, new benchmarks introduced for hospital charges and professional fees
  3. Fee benchmarks show success in moderating private surgeon fees growth

Dude, hospital fees got you shook?

No need to stress lah, the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Singapore is here to save the day.

MOH announced new fee benchmarks for private healthcare sector, aiming to make fees more transparent and help patients, healthcare providers, and insurers make better decisions lor.

So, what’s new?

The key changes include making adjustments to take into account cost increases and introducing new benchmarks for hospital charges and professional fees of surgeons and anaesthetists.

Wah lau eh, healthcare sector stepping up its game, eh?

How have fee benchmarks been doing so far?

Fee benchmarks have been quite effective in moderating the growth of private surgeon fees.

In fact, since its introduction, close to 90% of doctors have been charging within the recommended surgeon fee benchmarks, and the 90th percentile private surgeon fee decreased by about 1.7%!

MOH will continue to monitor these fee benchmarks to maintain discipline in charging and keep private healthcare cost reasonable.

Who developed the new fee benchmarks?

An independent Fee Benchmarks Advisory Committee (FBAC), led by Dr Wee Siew Bock, came up with the latest fee benchmarks.

They held more than 10 stakeholder consultation sessions with about 600 specialists, administrators from private hospitals, and insurers to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Talk about being thorough, ahh?

How will it affect the professional fees?

The new benchmarks will cover 2,100 surgeon procedures, 500 anaesthetist procedures, and doctors’ inpatient attendance fees.

MOH has also adjusted all existing and new doctors’ professional fee benchmarks to consider factors like manpower, rental, and operating expenses.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Use MOH’s fee benchmarks as reference when comparing healthcare costs
  • Don’t be afraid to ask providers for clarification on costs and fees
  • Diagnosis or treatment needed? Always stay informed on the options and financial implications

There you have it, folks!

New fee benchmarks are paving the way for people in Singapore to make better healthcare decisions and ensure the costs remain sustainable.

Dr Wee Siew Bock said it best, “I hope all stakeholders continue to use the fee benchmarks fairly to ensure that healthcare costs remain sustainable.”

What do you think about these new fee benchmarks?

How will it affect your healthcare decisions? Share your thoughts below lah!

What do you think?

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