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New Orchid Species Found in Singapore: Meet the Claderia Leontocampus!

New Orchid Species in Singapore - Image via Facebook (Desmond Lee)
New Orchid Species in Singapore - Image via Facebook (Desmond Lee)

Ahoy mate, let’s talk ’bout this dope Orchid Discovery tings ah!

  1. New orchid species found in Singapore, bro.
  2. Botanic Gardens peeps collected it like a Pokemon.
  3. Called Claderia leontocampus ‘cos Merlion and stuff.

Wassup, everybody like orchids, right?

But it ain’t just about pretty flowers, no way!

They’re like the sneaky ninjas of the plant world, and it looks like Singapore just found a new member for its orchid gang.

Facebook (Desmond Lee) got some info ’bout the new kid on the block, that Claderia leontocampus.

Cool stuff, man.

A surprise in the garden, lah

So, how they find it?

Surprise, surprise, the research peeps got their hands dirty and went hunting for it.

That’s like finding a needle in a haystack, bro.

But hey, it happened in 2020, and it was found in Singapore Botanic Gardens!

You think you know orchids, then BAM!

See ah, this new orchid may look small but pack some serious punch, girl.

Claderia leontocampus got some swanky cream-yellow flowers, so it defo stands out.

And that name? Leontocampus? Greek lah, means Merlion, yah, Singapore style!

Orchids ain’t got nothin’ on Singapore, yo

Now, people might go “huh? Singapore still got orchid discoveries meh?”, but for sure, man.

It just proves this little red dot got more to show for itself!

So next time, someone tries to tell you Singapore ain’t got much to offer, tell ’em ’bout this crazy orchid thingy!

Why should you care, man?

It’s important for us to protect our nature, brother.

‘Cos like, without nature, all we got are buildings, man.

And that’s just dull, ya?

So, holla at your peeps, let them be amazed by this shiny new orchid and let’s do our part for the Earth, man.

Save the orc…orchids!

Ain’t no party like an orchid party

  • Keep your eyes peeled for more orchid discoveries, bro.
  • Maybe take a walk in nature and appreciate the greenery, sister.
  • Someone might give you a kopi if you know ’bout new orchids.

So, my peeps, life dishing out surprises, just like this orchid discovery.

Who’s to say there ain’t more orchid species waiting for us to find?

Keep the nature vibes going, man.

Orchids be like ninja warriors in the plant world, yo.

But don’t just play sports and games, ah.

Go explore and appreciate what Mother Nature gives ya.

Eh bro, what’s your fave plant or flower?

Wanna see more discoveries like this? Share the thoughts below and let’s chit chat, lah!

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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