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Climate Change Challenge: Singapore’s Coastal Protection Solution

Climate Change Is Singapore Navigating The Tide Successfully
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  1. Singapore launches Coastal Protection and Flood Resilience Institute (CFI) in partnership with the National University to bolster local competencies in coastal protection and flood management.
  2. The Institute’s focus areas embrace coastal science research, innovative engineering solutions and nature-based integrated solutions.
  3. Recognising the threats of climate change, the Institute aims to foster a fresh crop of researchers and engineers.

The Coastal Protection and Flood Resilience Institute’s (CFI Singapore) maiden voyage sets its compass on the shorelines of our Lion City, guided by the partnership with the National University of Singapore.

Can you feel the winds of change?

They carry a mission to fortify the local capabilities in coastal protection and flood management.

Bracing for the Storms Ahead

Rising tides.

Extreme weather events.

With climate change banging on our doorstep, protecting our coastal borders takes centre stage.

Yet, as Ms. Hazel Khoo, PUB’s Coastal Protection Department Director, states, “With many competing land uses, our coastal areas are precious.”

Our aim – create more than shields; create value.

A mission marked with gravity, an objective echoing the need for coastal erosion protection.

Roots Run Deep

CFI Singapore. A melting pot of universities, research institutes and industry mates.

They’ll wrestle with the nuances of coastal science research, watch over our shores, engineer innovative solutions and cleverly twist nature-based resolutions into Singapore’s coastal narrative.

A new blueprint for coastal protection and management, harmonising the old with the new, the natural with the manmade.

The First Waves

Like daring pioneers on uncharted seas, nine poignant research projects set sail.

Among them, modular solutions strut their stuff on the existing coastal defences and hybrid nature-based solutions courageously step into the testing arena.

They’ll flex their muscles against nature’s volatility, cementing Singapore’s readiness for what may come.

Cultivating Our Coast Guardians

In the words of an unknown sailor, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

Waves of challenge usher in the need for a skilled brigade.

Graduate and undergraduate courses, job opportunities in research will do more than filling up seats.

They’ll mould brains ready to lock horns with long-term coastal protection and flood management challenges.

Future guardians of our shores; they’re the new tide.

Steering Our Ship to Safe Harbours

“Climate change is an existential threat of our times,” an echo in the depths of our oceans and in the heart of our decision-makers.

Investing, not just money, but faith in research and innovation.

Guided by our quest for knowledge, we build walls against the storms, flex and corral our local constraints, and vow to secure our people and infrastructure come hell or high water.

In the fight against the inexorable march of climate change, we, Singapore, are not bystanders.

Yes, it’s a battle, a rough sea ahead.

But as we venture into uncharted waters, know that our island city will neither back down nor falter.

So, on to the question – are you ready to ride this wave alongside Singapore and contribute to coastal protection in your ways?

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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