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Eating Healthy in Food Paradise: Dad’s 35kg Victory Inspires

Eating Healthy in Food Paradise Dads 35kg Victory Inspires
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  1. Unhealthy food choices lead to chronic diseases and complications over time, increasing the mortality rate among Singaporeans.
  2. Discipline and awareness are influencing factors in decreasing sodium and calorie intake, with the mean calorie intake rising and daily sodium intake seeing an increase from 3,480mg in 2019 to 3,620mg in 2022.
  3. Obesity rates have risen, with a link to reduced physical activity due to hybrid work arrangements, alongside increased consumption of unhealthy food.

CNA reports alarming health trends reflected within Singapore’s food paradise.

The Unseen Dangers of Unhealthy Food

When it comes to unhealthy food, it’s the silent, steady harm that poses a graver concern.

“It’s not going to kill you immediately. But it might lead you on the pathway to chronic diseases, which eventually will lead to complications, and of course, your mortality rate will be higher,” warns a nutritionist who spoke to CNA.

Singapore has seen high blood pressure cases almost double since 2010, and obesity rates have risen from 10.5% between 2019 and 2020 to 11.6% between 2021 and 2022.

A Personal Journey to Health

Despite these worrying statistics, it’s never too late to change.

Take the example of Terence Koh in CNA article, who lost 35kg in eight months merely by changing his lifestyle.

His motivation was his newborn son.

He started educating himself about nutrition, constructed a health plan, radically increased his exercise frequency and eliminated processed foods from his diet.

The Cultural Context of Eating in Singapore

But the fight against unhealthy eating is complex.

Especially in a country like Singapore where food plays a significant role in bonding, it’s easy to over-order during gatherings, resulting in excess calorie intake.

‘”Food is not an all or nothing kind of thing. It’s about how often you consume. It’s the amount that you consume that matters,” a clinical dietitian told CNA, emphasising the importance of moderation.

Making the Right Choices

Making healthier food choices doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

The choice and awareness of individuals drive healthy eating habits more than price.

Healthier options are now more affordable.

But the illusion of cheaper prices can often mislead us towards instant or processed foods that are less healthy.

Balancing Exercise & Diet

Exercise has its place, but the heavy lifting in managing health and weight comes from dieting, which experts estimate contributes to 80% of the outcome.

So, while breaking a sweat is good, focusing on quality nutrition is better.

A comprehensive approach considering both societal habits and personal discipline can redefine the narrative of eating healthy in the food paradise of Singapore.

Ask yourself- how will you contribute to this change?

What do you think?

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