Money Laundering Accused Proposes 24-Hour Surveillance for Bail Plea

Money Laundering Accused Proposes 24-Hour Surveillance for Bail Plea
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  1. Vang Shuiming, a Turkish national accused in a money laundering case, proposes 24-hour surveillance for his release on bail.
  2. The prosecution sees Vang as a flight risk due to his lack of roots in Singapore and substantial wealth.
  3. Justice Vincent Hoong is yet to announce his decision on Shuiming’s bail application.

The Straits Times reports that Vang Shuiming is arguing for his release from jail while on trial for billions’ worth of laundering charges.

Shuiming’s Bail Bid

Accused in this vast money laundering scheme, Vang Shuiming, seeks bail. He’s a citizen of Turkey.

His proposal for release? Twenty-four-hour surveillance. Why not?

He offers electronic tagging. He volunteers CCTV monitoring. Anything for freedom.

Prosecution’s Opposition

In response, the prosecution objects. They argue Vang’s wealthy and has no roots in Singapore.

“He’s a flight risk,” they say.

“Vang has no true roots in Singapore, as he is neither a citizen nor a permanent resident,” the prosecution pointed out, emphasizing their concern about his potential absconding.

Judge’s Verdict

The fate of Shuiming rests in Justice Vincent Hoong’s hands. The judge will decide on the bail application.

Upon trusting the accused’s commitment to return for the trial, the judge considers his decision.


Vang faces serious allegations. He’s accused of using a forged document. He’s implicated in unlicensed money lending.

His brother is wanted too, for illegal gambling activities, by the Singapore police and Chinese authorities.

Philanthropic Gestures

In the midst of all this, Vang’s philanthropy emerged. He made donations to a special education school.

Two other accused individuals joined him. The Rainbow Centre acknowledges receiving their support. A small solace in their serious situation.


So, the question remains: Will Vang be granted bail? Will 24-hour surveillance be enough to ensure he stands trial?

Only time will tell. Justice Vincent Hoong’s decision awaits.

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