SGH Outburst’s Han Feizi Exposed as Beijing’s Drunk Driver

SGH Outbursts Han Feizi Exposed as Beijing Drunk Driver
Image via Shin Min Daily News
  1. Han Feizi, involved in the SGH saga, was detained for dangerous driving, under the influence of alcohol, in Beijing, China, back in 2018.
  2. Her blood alcohol level was confirmed at 89.8 mg/100 ml, higher than the legal limit of 80 mg/100 ml.
  3. Subsequent to her arrest, Feizi received a sentence of one month and 10 days of detention, with a fine of 2000 RMB (approximately S$375).

Shin Min Daily News reports that Chinese woman Han Feizi has a history of convictions, not only in Singapore but also in her home country.

Arrested and detained back in 2018 in Beijing, China, for dangerous driving under the influence of alcohol, Feizi’s blood alcohol content sat significantly above the legal driving limit: 89.8 mg/100 ml.

Overview of Han Feizi’s Conviction

In December 2018, Feizi was involved in an accident in the Chaoyang District of Beijing.

At approximately 1:30 am, at the intersection of Gongti North Road (工体北路) and Changhongqiao Access Road (长虹桥辅路), she was pulled over by police.

Tests confirmed her blood alcohol content exceeded the limit, leading to a 40-day detention sentence and a heavy fine.

Laws on Drunk Driving in Beijing

Beijing, like many cities, strictly regulates the use of alcohol by drivers.

The legal limit? A blood alcohol level of 80 mg/100 ml.

With Feizi’s reading at 89.8 mg/100 ml, she was clearly over the limit, triggering her harsh driving sentence.

So Han Feizi’s outburst at SGH wasn’t her first brush with the law.

Her record shows a previous conviction for similar behaviour, hinting at a pattern of flouting laws.

Effect and Impact of Alcohol on Driving

The dangers of drinking and driving can’t be overstated.

Effects include slowed reaction time, impaired coordination, decreased cognitive ability, and in worst cases, fatal accidents.

Data from traffic police and medical experts has consistently shown that strict laws on drink driving truly save lives.

Public Perspective and Response

Imprisonments and fines are often seen as effective deterrents.

This case, though, has left many wondering whether the punishment meted out to Feizi was too severe.

As quoted by Shin Min Daily News, ‘Han Feizi was sentenced to one month and 10 days of detention and a fine of 2000 RMB for the crime of dangerous driving’ – a hefty penalty, indeed.

Back in Singapore, Feizi’s troubles didn’t end after serving her sentence in China.

Pleading guilty to multiple charges including, using criminal force, insulting a hospital employee, public nuisance, and making false statements in her work permit application in Singapore, she was handed a further sentence of 5 weeks and 5 days imprisonment and a fine of S$600.

As we know, harsh penalties, such as those endured by Feizi, often function as a deterrent for similar activities in the future.

But the ongoing question remains: Was the punishment too severe? Or did justice truly win the day?

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