Singapore Police Launches New Portal to Combat Ransomware!

Singapore Police Unveils Portal to Combat Ransomware
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  1. The Singapore Police offers a ransomware portal.
  2. Avoid paying ransoms. It only feeds the bad guys.
  3. Recovery is possible. Tools and advice are at hand.

It’s simple.

Ransomware is bad.

But recovery? That’s good.

On 6 September 2023, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) launched a one-stop ransomware recovery portal.

It’s a toolbox full of resources for anyone hit by a ransomware attack.

And it’s more than just tools—there’s advice, checklists, and a hotline to the good guys at the Counter Ransomware Task Force (CRTF).

Understanding Ransomware

Ransomware is a bully.

It locks away your files and demands a ransom.

Not nice.

The Singapore Police warns against paying ransoms.


The bully doesn’t always play fair.

Paying up doesn’t guarantee your files back.

It might even encourage them to target you again.

Deciphering Ransomware Recovery Tools

There’s hope yet.

The portal offers decryption tools.

These could unlock your files.

And there’s more.

There are lists of frequently asked questions and advice.

You’ll find a guide on how to deal with these cyber bullies and how to keep them at bay.

Mastering Data Recovery

Recovering from ransomware is like solving a puzzle.

It has steps.

But you also need tools and advice.

The portal is designed to help with all of this.

It provides ways to report ransomware crimes and tools to decrypt your files.

You can even find a checklist to help you respond quickly and effectively to an attack.

Shielding Yourself from Ransomware

Ransomware is like an ever lurking shadow.

But you can learn to protect yourself.

The portal offers prevention measures.

There’s a wealth of resources on staying safe.

Things like data backup, system updates, good cybersecurity habits, and awareness training.

With these, you’re not just a sitting duck—you’re prepared.

True Stories of Ransomware Attacks and Recovery

Real people get hit by ransomware.

And they recover.

The portal shares their stories.

It’s not just a faceless problem.

Real companies, real people are victims.

By sharing these stories, the portal reminds us that it’s a fight we can win.

And it gives you a glimpse of what methods work in the battle against ransomware attacks.


The portal is now live.

It’s a toolbox built to fight ransomware.


The Ransomware Recovery Portal is helping victims stand up to ransomware.

It’s encouraging to see that daring to fight isn’t a losing battle.

It’s a step we can all take towards a safer digital world.

Over to you.

How will you use this tool in your fight against ransomware?

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