A Leader Free of Politics? Meet George Goh

George Goh Ching Wah via georgegohchingwahcom
George Goh Ching Wah via georgegohchingwahcom
  1. George Goh Ching Wah, the tycoon behind Harvey Norman Ossia, say he want to become our next President.
  2. This dude Goh, he run as independent candidate, don’t want any party one.
  3. From just 16 years old, Goh started working, until now got empire in 14 countries, wah lau!

Bro, you ever think one day your kopi kaki might become President of Singapore?

No bluff, this really might happen leh. This founder of Harvey Norman Ossia, Mr. George Goh, say he want to become our next President.

No joke, this serious stuff.

Got Business Mind, Got Heart Also

But this Goh not your typical businessman, hor.

Start work since he was 16 years old, until now his empire spread over 14 countries already.

Like that still not enough, he also got heart one.

Always help people, got do charity work and all.

Ahh, wah lau eh, don’t you think he like that F1 car, fast and also got heart?

No Political Baggage, Fly Like Bird

Then hor, this Goh want to run as independent candidate, don’t want any political baggage.

He say our President need to be like eagle, fly high high, see everything clearly, cannot let anything pull him down.

Like this only can take care of our national reserves and important appointments.

Presidential Election, Like Choosing Class Monitor

Just like choosing class monitor, our next Presidential election can be any time from June 13, 2023.

You still remember when choosing class monitor, how we like to vote for the one who always share his sweets, right?

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Wah, if Goh become President, you think he can bring his business mind to the office?
  • You think can trust independent candidate more, because they like bird, no political baggage?
  • When you vote next time, remember to see the heart of the candidate, don’t just see their promises.

So, there you have it lah, bro.

This is not some kopitiam talk, this is real stuff.

Singapore’s future is in our hands, or rather, in our votes. Don’t play play, ah.

Now I want ask you, dude. What you think about this Goh?

You think he can be our next President or not? Can comment below leh, share your thoughts.

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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