Ocean Star Scandal: Company Director Gets Slammed with Jail Time!

Artist Impression of Ocean Star's Company Director in Court
Artist Impression of Ocean Star's Company Director in Court
  1. Company director Xue Lei sentenced for fraudulent evasion of duties and taxes.
  2. Employee Ngiam Song Kai arrested with 488 cartons of duty-unpaid cigarettes.
  3. Between August and October 2021, 3,520 cartons of duty-unpaid cigarettes were illegally diverted, evading about $325,060 in taxes.

Hey bae, wah lau eh, some people really anyhow lor!

Singapore Customs just announced that one Chinese National named Xue Lei kena 27 months’ and four weeks’ imprisonment for fraud!

Umm, let me tell you more about this shady biz.

So, what happened lah?

Xue Lei was the director of this company called Ocean Star.

His employee, one Singaporean dude named Ngiam Song Kai, was supposed to deliver sea stores (like food and stuff) to vessels at sea, right?

But they both got involved in some illegal business – selling duty-unpaid cigarettes for the local market when it was supposed to be exported!

How they kena caught ah?

Singapore Customs did an operation in November 2021 and they nabbed Ngiam with 488 cartons of these duty-unpaid cigarettes, sia!

Found them in his van in Ghim Moh Link carpark and at his own house some more!

You know what’s funny?

Over a few months, they ended up diverting 3,520 cartons like that.

It’s like they thought they were playing Need for Speed, but in real life, lah!

Losing out how much money, ah?

The government missed out on quite a bit because of them!

3,520 cartons mean about $325,060 evaded in duties and taxes, can you imagine?

Wah, if I had that kinda money, I’d buy endless bubble tea!

That’s definitely not a small sum, y’know?

What’s gonna happen now?

So, Xue Lei has admitted to his crimes and got his 27 months’ and four weeks’ prison sentence.

But, hello, the story doesn’t end here.

Bro, there are still court proceedings going on against Ocean Star and Ngiam Song Kai.

So stay tuned because more tea might be spilling soon, man!

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Always, always be aware of the legal consequences of fraudulent activities and weigh if it’s worth risking your future!
  • Remember that nothing stays hidden forever, and you don’t wanna end up getting caught in a scandal like this, right?
  • Umm, think about how the decisions you make might affect others. Don’t just chase after quick cash and end up harming others or breaking the law!

So, patting my own back, lah, but I think I shared quite a bit of info already.

These dudes ended up in hot soup all because they wanted to make some extra cash illegitimately!

Guess what? The saying “crime doesn’t pay” has some truth to it after all!

But wait, don’t just read and go, lah!

How do stories like these make you feel about fraud and the law in Singapore?

Holla at me with your comments, sis, or bro, or whatever you are! Let’s chit chat!

What do you think?

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