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Singaporeans Caught Urinating in Public Again at CIQ Complex, Despite Warnings

Caught Urinating in Public Again at CIQ Complex - Image via Youtube (NST Online)
Caught Urinating in Public Again at CIQ Complex - Image via Youtube (NST Online)
  1. Two Singaporean men kena caught urinating in public at Johor CIQ complex.
  2. They 48 and 68 years old, not related hor.
  3. Can be fined RM100 for their nonsense.

Wah lau eh, got more cases of Singaporeans caught peeing in public until kena on news.

So New Straits Times also reported these dudes got caught by the auxiliary police there lah.

Why like that one ah?

So what’s their problem?

Maybe got toilet phobia or something, because there are enough toilets and signboards telling them where to go, but they still decide to water the plants lor!

Between 12.12am and 3.56am also, like some secret midnight mission sia.

Really, can you imagine the slogan: “SINGAPORE! The place where technologically advanced citizens go to Malaysia and pee in public…majulah?”

Fine or no fine ah?

And now they kena investigated, and one of them might not even have valid pass to stay in Malaysia wor.

You think the police there will close one eye give chance?

No lah, they face RM100 fine for behaving like that lor.

So next time, just use the toilet la, no need make headlines for this kind of embarrassing thing.

For those who still want to act blur:

  • Public urination not cool, not a trend, and not some art.
  • Use your brains, go toilet to pee, simple as that uh huh.
  • Try not to make headlines, for all the wrong reasons ahhhh.

So in the end, it’s not rocket science lah.

Just be a decent person, respect others and respect ourselves, don’t simply behave out of the box sia.

You’ll be fine one lah, no need to be so annoying.

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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