Access Tohoku – A Taste of Tohoku Right Here in Singapore!

Access Tohoku - A Taste of Tohoku Right Here in Singapore!
Image via Japanese Kokeshi Dolls

Imagine the soft caress of a silk scarf from Yamagata Prefecture, the tangy snap of iburigakko pickled vegetables from Akita or the amused smile at an akabeko, a bright red cute little cow-shaped toy from Fukushima Prefecture.

Well, grab your virtual passports folks because we’re taking a trip to Japan’s northeastern Tohoku region – right here at your doorstep.

A Taste of Tohoku in the Lion City

On 19 July 2023, Singapore is set to become the proud host of a new kind of store, a “showroom-type” if you will, called Access Tohoku.

Established by Hiroko Ono from Sendai, the capital of Miyagi Prefecture, the store brings a slice of Japan to our island.

More Than Just A Store

You see, Ono-san doesn’t just sell items – she shares tales and crafts from the heart of Tohoku.

Having lived in Southeast Asia for over 18 years, she became an ambassador for her homeland when a disaster, the Great East Japan Earthquake, struck in 2011.

Her personal connection to Tohoku spurred her to action, leading to the birth of Access Tohoku.

A Feast For The Senses

What can you expect at Access Tohoku? It’s a culinary, aesthetic – a full sensual journey, my friends.

You get to see dishes made right in front of your eyes and sample a bit of Tohoku heaven; it is an experience, not just a visit.

Sowing The Seeds For A Better Tomorrow

And there’s more.

Ono-san’s vision is to mentor the young, the new inheritors of old, traditional businesses.

She believes in passing the torch, making way for fresh minds to flourish, armed with a profound respect for the traditional practices of old.

And Access Tohoku will serve as the springboard!

Access Tohoku

Located at 41 Tras St, the Access Tohoku store is a slice of Japan in the heart of Singapore – an adventure awaiting the curious, the connoisseur and the plain old foodie!

So, are you ready to saddle up for a culinary journey to Tohoku, folks?

Come, savour the joys of the Rising Sun at Access Tohoku – an experience that stretches beyond shopping.

And remember, every visit you make, every delicacy you enjoy, takes a step toward supporting Tohoku’s post-disaster reconstruction.

After all, aren’t we each a part of this world, this shared humanity?

Now tell me, what do you look forward to the most at Access Tohoku?

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