Singapore Presidential Race – Is Ex-GIC Chief Next in Line?

Ex-GIC Chief, 75, Toys with Presidential Run, Stirring Curiosity
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Lianhe Zaobao reports that the former Chief Investment Officer of Singapore’s Government Investment Corporation (GIC), Ng Kok Song, is considering running in the upcoming presidential election.

A Whiff of Presidential Ambition in the Air

Former GIC chief, Ng Kok Song, aged 75, hints at a new song in the air.

He playfully toys with the idea of being a presidential candidate.

It’s like a kite in the wind, up one moment and hovering uncertainly the next.

A Tale of a Lifelong Career

Ng Kok Song is an orchestra conductor in the realm of finance.

For over 40 years, he’s orchestrated the nation’s forex reserves, like a maestro offering an unforgettable symphony.

And now, the thought of wearing the president’s hat could be his new performance.

Charting the Course of a Sage in Finance

Ng Kok Song’s financial fable began in 1970, fresh out of university, with the role of investment analyst at the Ministry of Finance, as eager as a beaver fresh out of its dam.

Following a stint at the newly formed Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), he signed up for the GIC chorus in 1986.

His tune here started with overseeing the securities and bond departments and then climbing to the star role of Chief Investment Officer.

Conductor of the Avanda Ensemble

The stage changed, but the music of finance continued post-retirement.

In 2015, Ng Kok Song composed the score for Avanda Investment Management, managing assets that dance to the thunderous applause of SGD 130 billion.

And this symphony could change its tune if he decides to run for president.

Practical Takeaways

  • Navigating the financial realms for over 40 years, Ng Kok Song’s potential presidential candidacy could bring a wealth of wisdom to the table.
  • While watching this space for the presidential elections, let’s stay tuned for the decisions of our finance maestro.
  • We may well witness a new performance, a new chapter in Singapore’s rich symphony of history.

In the grand orchestra of Singapore’s story, Ng Kok Song’s contemplation to grace the presidential stage adds an exciting dimension.

Will he pick up the conductor’s baton once more, this time to lead the nation?

What do you think?

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