Million-Dollar HDB Resales Skyrocket to 54 in Aug 2023!

Record of 54 HDB Resale Flats Crossed Million-Dollar Mark in Aug 2023
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  1. HDB resale prices escalated by 0.6% in August 2023, with a remarkable 54 units fetching above $1 million each.
  2. A significant bump in sales credited to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s announcement about the reclassification of new HDB flats, taking effect in the second half of 2024.
  3. A strong demand for resale flats in mature estates is anticipated as buyers prefer newer flats without resale restrictions.

The walls of the HDB flats are whispering prices, and the figures echo million-dollar tales.

Singaporeans, be it natives or expatriates, are well acquainted with this peculiar melody of the real estate market.

The Million-Dollar Tango

A flat? Million dollars? Yes, my friend, you heard it right.

The SRX report in August 2023 showed an upbeat tilt in HDB resale prices.

HDB resale flat prices are hula hooping, and figures are dancing in a million-dollar tango, setting the real estate stage on fire.

Round and round they go, with each turn marking a 0.6% increase as compared to July 2023.

Slicing the data by room types, the prices pirouette varies.

Three rooms took a shy dip of 0.4%, while others danced merrily to a rise—4 rooms at 0.9%, 5 rooms at a sturdy 1.5%, and the executive flats leading the applause with a 1.6% increase.

The Breaking of a Record

Not one, not two, this time around, it’s a charismatic 54 HDB resale flats that have gleefully donned the million-dollar crown in August 2023.

Teetering from the previous month’s tally of 32, these increased figures have pirouetted their way into the hall of records.

Whispers in the market attribute this swirl to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s proclamation regarding the new classification of HDB flats which will sweep into effect in the latter half of 2024.

Aforementioned Changes & Their Ripples

Changes, we may like them, we may dread them; regardless they greet us at sundry turns of our lives.

And it’s time for a major shift in the Singaporean real estate market.

Prime Minister Lee has announced a new classification for HDB flats; come the second half of 2024, we will witness a significant alteration in the sales landscape.

“Prime flats refer to flats, which will be renamed Prime when the new classification takes effect. More buyers intending to live in central areas see the urgency to purchase their units as a supply of existing units will remain unchanged,” reveals an analysis from TodayOnline.


Simplicity serves understanding better than complexity; hence, let’s break it down.

This new system will imply stricter resale conditions on prime location housing.

The impact of the reclassification may be significantly visible from next year’s second half when BTO flats under the system are rolled out for sale.

The announcement sparked an increased sense of urgency amidst buyers, pushing them to secure their units sooner rather than later.

Looking from the lens of the future, unpredictable still, the expectant scene post these changes forecasts a robust demand for resale flats in mature estates as buyers scout for newer flats without resale restrictions.

Anticipation for more than 400 million-dollar flat transactions for this year burgeons due to the looming policy change.

Pressing Pause & Looking Around

Take a breath.

Let’s glance beyond records, blues, and ballets of numbers.

Shift focus from the million-dollar flats, and let’s soak in the wider panorama.

The highest transacted price charmed August with $1,480,000 for a 5-Room unit at The Pinnacle@Duxton.

Non-Mature Estates flirted with the highest transacted price of $1,080,888 by an Executive Apartment at Woodlands St 81.

Amongst these, HDB flats in Queenstown marked their journey with a record price, contributing to the trend of escalating prices for HDB resale flats.

Resale prices for HDB flats, having started their upward march since two years ago, continued doing so up to August 2023.

Transacting 33 million-dollar flats in September, the trend clearly was following an upward trajectory.

Should money control homes, or should homes control money?

The question submits to your judgement.

Stories of HDB resale flats may pen a new chapter under revised classifications.

Still, the fundamental fact remains standing — Home, be it million-dollar or otherwise, sustains a price tag beyond mere currency notes.

A flat in Singapore is not just a unit of property; it’s a unit of dreams, aspirations, security, perhaps even a legacy to some.

Hence, step in the market not merely as a buyer or seller but also as a dweller who perceives homes beyond hard and fast lines of policies and realty landscapes.

So, what does this panorama of the HDB resale flats evoke in you?

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