10-Year MRT Upgrade on NS-EW Lines Completed – Smooth Rides Ahead!

10-Year MRT Upgrade on NS-EW Lines Completed - Smooth Rides Ahead
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  1. The decade-long programme to upgrade Singapore’s North-South and East-West MRT lines has been completed.
  2. The upgrades have significantly improved the reliability of the rail network, with an impressive Mean Kilometres Between Failure (MKBF) performance of over 1,000,000 train-km since 2019.
  3. A total of 26 new trains have arrived in Singapore, with 7 already in service.

Attention, Singapore commuters! Big news comes our way.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announces that the long-awaited MRT upgrade is finally complete.

New-and-Improved MRT Infrastructure

Launched in 2012, the comprehensive upgrade of the North-South and East-West lines marked an impressive feat in our city-state’s transportation saga.

This huge task was undertaken in collaboration with SMRT, the company operating these lines.

The renewal has transformed the railway’s six core systems, including the signalling system, third-rail system, power system, track circuit, and importantly, our very own trains.

What Changes Have Been Made?

The switch from wooden sleepers to concrete ones in December 2016 was a major leap.

In September 2017, the third rail saw its renewal, followed by the introduction of the Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling system a year later.

Also renewed are track circuits, power supply, and the whole fleet of NSEWL trains, our familiar ride to work, school, and play.

Railway’s Drumroll: Advanced Systems

Here’s the deal.

The new system brings onboard an advanced track circuit which, when combined with the CBTC signalling system, indicates our trains’ positions on the track.

A nifty feature that helps speed up train recovery.

It also detects broken rails.

And swift, efficient preventive maintenance follows.

The brand new power supply? It brings improved fault detection and prediction with its real-time monitoring features.

And this isn’t all gloating.

The key takeaway? It means fewer disruptions and smoother travel for us, the commuters.

Numbers that Matter

If you’re after solid proof for improved service, look no further than the Mean Kilometres Between Failure (MKBF).

What’s this, you ask?

Simply put, it measures the average distance trains travel before a disruption occurs.

Since 2019, the NSEWL has recorded an MKBF performance of over 1,000,000 train-km.

That’s a testament to significant improvements.

Transit Made More Reliable

This enormous overhaul has breathed new life into our cherished rail network.

Thanks to precise tracks, robust electrical systems, and efficient power supplies, train operations have never been better.

In LTA’s own words: “The renewal and upgrading of the NSEWL’s core systems have greatly improved the reliability of the rail network, with a Mean Kilometres Between Failure (MKBF) performance of over 1,000,000 train-km since 2019.”

Let’s Talk About Trains

So, what about the trains?

Say hello to 26 shiny new trains.

Seven are already in service, while the rest are being prepped and tested.

These advanced carriers are equipped with sensors for early fault detection and monitoring of train subsystems and track conditions.

Improvement we can ride on!

A Journey Towards Progress

In conclusion, we can all agree this is good news.

The NSEWL upgrade means fewer disruptions and a smoother ride.

We’re heading in the right direction.

Yet, progress doesn’t stop.

Minor track circuit works are still on-the-go, expected to wrap up by December 2023.

We look forward to hearing from SMRT and the LTA about what’s next in Singapore’s railway journey.

More trains?

Fewer disruptions?

Faster service?

Dear commuter, how do you feel about these upgrades?

Chime in and let us know!

What do you think?

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