New $589M Fleet of 44 Cutting-Edge Trains Set to Revolutionise Cross Island Line by 2030

Artist Impression of CRL Train - Image via LTA
Artist Impression of CRL Train - Image via LTA
  1. 44 new trains for Cross Island Line, lah.
  2. Contract cost $589 million, can?
  3. Trains coming from 2027, steady?

Dude, wah lau eh, big news sia!

LTA got this announcement lor, saying they awarded a $589 million contract to buy 44 new trains for the Cross Island Line (CRL).

Can you believe it?

Who making the trains?

CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co. and Singapore CRRC Sifang Railway Vehicles Service Pte. Ltd (CRRC Sifang) going to build the trains and send them here starting from 2027 leh.

Then hor, in 2030 CRL Phase 1 can already start.

Like the MRT lines before, these trains also got five doors on each side.

They add some improvements, make the gangways bigger, so now, they 1.6 metres compared to 1.4 metres.

This kind help make it easier when you going through le, not so squeezy.

Save energy, save the Earth, right?

These new trains going to use a 1500V D.C. Overhead Conductor Rail (OCR) system for power.

It more energy-efficient than the usual 750V D.C. third rail system.

And they even added monitoring and diagnostic systems for maintenance.

Like, can detect if something wrong before it becomes a problem.

Some trains also get this Automated Track Inspection system.

Can check the running rail and OCR condition in real time.

All about the Cross Island Line

You know the Cross Island Line going to be our eighth MRT line in Singapore?

It connects eastern, north-eastern and western corridors, making it super convenient for people living in those areas.

Got so many interchanges with other rail lines, even linking big hubs like Jurong Lake District, Punggol Digital District, and Changi region.

Like, this going to make travelling around Singapore so much better, right?

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Keep an eye out for the new trains coming in 2027 for the Cross Island Line.
  • Enjoy better accessibility with wider gangways and five doors per side, more space for everyone.
  • Remember to check out the new stations when they open in 2030, see the future of Singapore’s transportation.

So hor, got many exciting things to come with these Cross Island Trains, like a brand new railway holiday, lor.

But question is, with these new trains and the fancy systems they got, can the MRT breakdowns stop or not?

Maybe no more “Train delay, please add 15 minutes to your travelling time” sia.

Anyways, what do y’all think?

Drop a comment below, discuss if this news makes you super excited for our future train rides!

What do you think?

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