Ex-Car Times Staff Tied to S$95K Fraud & Grab Driver Scam!

Car Times Ex-Staffs Unlawful Gambling S95K Fraud Linked to Grab Driver Scam
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  1. Former Car Times Automobile employee, Chan Chee Ken, faces criminal breach of trust and unlicensed gambling charges.
  2. The individual is accused of pocketing S$95,100 and misappropriating a Honda Shuttle Hybrid vehicle valued at S$57,000.
  3. Penalties for criminal breach of trust could lead to a maximum jail term of 15 years and a hefty fine whereas illegal online gambling carries a six-month jail term and up to an S$10,000 fine.

CNA reports that a former Car Times employee, Chan Chee Ken, is charged with four counts of criminal breach of trust and engaging in illegal online gambling using an unlicensed service.

This news comes at a time of increasing trust violations within the automotive industry.

What is Criminal Breach of Trust?

Let’s make this simple.

A criminal breach of trust, or CBT, is like breaking a promise.

But not a simple one.

It’s when someone trusts you with something valuable.

They hand it over.

And boom – you misuse it or keep it for yourself.

Grab Driver’s Scam Nightmare: It’s All Connected

Remember the story of Polin, the Grab driver scammed out of S$172,000?

The mystery has unraveled finally.

Chan Chee Ken, now in hot water, seems to have played a part in her woes.

What a plot twist!

Employee Misappropriation and Its Impact

Things like this, they can smash a business’s reputation like an egg.

Car Times, to no ones surprise, is pretty rattled up.

Financial loss is one thing.

But broken trust? That’s a wound that takes longer to heal.

Where Did The Money Go? To Bad Bets…

According to the charges, our subject didn’t just sit on the money.

He gambled it away. Online bets for baccarat. Illegally.

It’s at a flat in Punggol where all these supposedly took place between March and May?

What an expensive way to kill boredom!

That’s A Heavy Price to Pay

The charges could put Chan away for up to 15 years.

And drain his pockets with a big, fat fine.

Illegal gambling? That’s another six months, with an S$10,000 fine on top.

Was it worth it? Only time, and the court, will tell.

Legal Aid To The Rescue

You’re probably wondering, what’s next?

Well, Chan hopes to apply for legal aid.

It’s a silver lining, maybe.

Legal aid in Singapore helps those without deep pockets to have a fair trial.

Equality in the face of justice. Sounds right, doesn’t it?

In conclusion, car dealership trust violation, like this Car Times fraud is, sadly, rising up.

It’s a wake-up call for everyone.

As buyers, we need to exercise caution.

As decent humans, let’s not even think about breaking such trust.

Because as it seems, the dish served cold by justice ain’t so appetising.

And as we ponder the fate of Chan, let’s turn the focus back onto you.

Are you careful when dealing with large transactions?

How do you ensure your hard-earned money is going into the right hands?

Let us know in the comments below.

What do you think?

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