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Bamboo-Pole Man: Angry HDB Resident Stages Solo Crusade Against Bird Nets

Bamboo-Pole Man: Angry HDB Resident Stages Solo Crusade Against Bird Nets
Bamboo-Pole Man: Angry HDB Resident Stages Solo Crusade Against Bird Nets - Image via Shin Min Daily
  1. Man unhappy with anti-bird net installation, stops workers from doing their job.
  2. Town council had informed residents of vote results and installation dates.
  3. More than 78% of residents in the affected block agreed to the installation.

Dude, so like there was this big drama at a HDB block according to Shin Min Daily.

where this guy didn’t want the workers to install anti-bird nets at his place.

Can you believe it?

So, my dear kiasu kakis, what happened was this guy, Mr Tan (45 years old, designer) got super angry when he heard workers installing the net outside his house.

Man tries to stop installation with bamboo pole

Hello, check this out ah, he actually went up and stopped the workers with a bamboo pole.

The guy just didn’t give a care about other people’s work.

He just wanted them to stop and not let the workers come up.

No chill at all!

Town council did their part

According to the town council, they already told the people about the whole thing but this dude just didn’t agree with it.

Like hello, bro, over 78% peeps there agreed to have the nets installed.

Why you still create problems?

Why so much drama, Mr Tan?

He said he didn’t need the nets because he never had problems with birds.

But other residents said they received a survey where they could choose and there was also a notice with the voting results and installation dates.

Aiyo, things were done properly.

Some residents think it’s a good idea

Madam Teo (55 years old, admin staff) said with the nets, they don’t have to worry about trash and bird poop falling down.

Like seriously, who wants all that dirty stuff around their home?

It’s just better for everyone.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Check notices for upcoming installations in your block and make sure you’re informed.
  • If you disagree with something, voice your concerns but don’t disturb other people’s work.
  • Consider the benefits and issues for others before making decisions.

So in conclusion, can we just learn to be more understanding and considerate towards situations like this?

Life’s already so tough, let’s not make it harder for ourselves and others.

What do you think?

Share your thoughts and tell me if you’ve ever experienced something like this in your HDB block!

What do you think?

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