(ChatGPT) OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman is Coming to Singapore

Global AI Coordination
Global AI Coordination
  1. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman says he’s now optimistic about global AI cooperation.
  2. Regulators worldwide trying to catch up with AI regulation.
  3. Sam Altman visiting many countries, including Singapore, to talk more about AI.

OpenAI (maker of ChatGPT) CEO coming to Singapore, you know or not?

He is Sam Altman and he’s now wrapping up his trip in Japan.

According to Reuters, he will visit Singapore, Indonesia and Australia before going back to the U.S.

He’s touring key cities in hope of forging global coordination on artificial intelligence (AI).

AI Regulation in the World

So many countries now more and more interested in AI, correct?

Ah boy ah, you know hor, this AI thing like pandora’s box like that.

Everybody very excited, but also scared.

So now got all these big boss people around the world try to make rules to control AI, like EU with the AI Act and US also adapt their own laws.

And Sam Altman, this OpenAI CEO dude, is trying to bring them together to regulate AI.

He told Reuters that “I came to the trip sceptical…but I am now wrapping up the trip feeling quite optimistic we can get it done”.

Eh, like that sounds good or what?

What This Means for Singapore?

You know la, Singapore always open right?

So this OpenAI CEO coming to visit us also, maybe talk talk about AI and how we also can join the party.

Aiyo, we Singaporeans good at adapting one lah, can one. Dun worry!

How We & AI Can Be Best Friends

Some more, if you see hor, Singapore got potential to be AI hub because we very good with technology mah.

So, if this AI regulation thing go well, maybe we can benefit leh.

Just like Sam Altman also told Reuters, “There’s a long history of humans and machines working together” in places like Japan.

Can also like that in Singapore, why not?

Actionable Things We Can Do

  • Educate ourselves about AI.
  • Be open to new AI solutions in our daily life.
  • Support government in AI regulation efforts.

So this AI regulation thing hor, very important but also very fun lah.

Singapore always very innovative mah, so can be a place where humans and AI can work together like best friends.

You all think can or not, this AI regulation thing? Tell me your thoughts lah, don’t be shy!

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