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How Singapore’s Unity Seduced Ron Kaufman, Forever Changing His Life

How Singapore’s Unity Seduced Ron Kaufman, Forever Changing His Life
How Singapore’s Unity Seduced Ron Kaufman, Forever Changing His Life - Image via YouTube (Max Chernov)
  1. Ron Kaufman, Singapore’s awesome PR-turned-citizen.
  2. Lessons we can learn from one amazing meeting with LKY.
  3. Harmony in SG, dude, it’s the secret to success.

Ayo, this YouTube video (Max Chernov) talks to Ron Kaufman, some super cool guy from New York who became one of us.

True blue Singaporean, man.

From New York to SG life

Umm, yeah, so, Ron Kaufman is a New York Times best-selling author.

He came here like 32 years ago, can you believe it?

He finally decided to let go of his American dream to become a Singaporean.

Respect, bro, respect.

One epic encounter with the legend LKY

Aiyoh, Ron met LKY by chance!

They had a quick talk but the conversation stuck with Ron.

From it, he understood what it meant being on a mission, and the importance of service in creating value for others.

It’s no wonder he’s a believer of the Singapore dream now.

Harmony, the Singaporean way

Eh, you know what’s the coolest thing about SG?

It’s harmony!

Everyone respecting each other so we can live together peacefully.

That’s what our founders believed in, and that’s what Ron digs about our little nation.

More people should learn from Singapore.

Becoming one of us

Ron had to give up his American passport to become a true blue Singaporean, can you imagine?

But like he said, it’s not about rejecting America, it’s about embracing what SG offers, dude.

It’s like…um…eating Hainanese chicken rice and cheeseburgers at the same time.

Yeah, something like that.

How to be a real Singaporean

Being a foreigner in SG is tough when the culture is so different.

But Ron bit the bao and learned all about our local customs.

He respects and values our traditions, like tau huay and dangling tissue packets from trees to chope tables.

SG teaches the world

Aiyah, America can learn a lot from Singapore.

Like, see how we get along even though we got so many different races?

It’s called harmony, bro.

And our focus on creating value goes beyond money; it’s also in our communities and environment.

Eco-friendly FTW!

Understanding between locals and foreigners

Eh, sis, we all need to be more open-minded and curious when we meet new people from different places.

Give them a chance, bro.

Embrace their culture.

You might end up learning something cool, man.

Service quality in SG

And of course, Ron didn’t just come here to kaya-toast around.

He’s been working on improving service quality in our police, prisons, and other sectors.

Rehab and community integration for inmates.

SG needs more guys like him.

Practice what Ron teaches!

  • Be open-minded about different cultures.
  • Respect and value local customs.
  • Remember that harmony is key to success, bro.

Ron Kaufman, the dude who traded New York for Singapore and never looked back.

What a legend.

It’s not every day you find someone who gives up that much for our Little Red Dot.

So, tell me, what would you do to fulfill the Singapore dream?

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