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KidZania Singapore 2.0: New Attractions, Same Fun in 2024!

Artist Impression of KidZania in 2024
Artist Impression of KidZania in 2024
  1. KidZania Singapore set to return in Q1 2024.
  2. Sim Leisure Group (SLG) to refurbish and introduce new attractions.
  3. Theme park will focus on sustainability and jobs of the future.

Hello bae, you know what? KidZania Singapore is coming back!

Can you believe ah? CNA said that it’s gonna return in the first quarter of 2024, like a phoenix from the ashes, man!

Sentosa Palawan Beach set to get a facelift with KidZania’s return

SLG will be like a fairy godmother to KidZania, ok lah?

They gonna refurbish the 7,600 sq m Family Entertainment Centre at Sentosa’s Palawan Beach and give us fresh new attractions, like YouTube Entrepreneur and Animation Studio.

Wah lau eh, sounds fun right?

And even more activities across Sentosa Island to keep families entertained, win-win sia!

Jobs of the future, sustainability and the United Nation’s goals

So apparently, this KidZania Singapore 2.0 will have this “cities and jobs of the future” theme, like they trying to be hip and cool, you know?

They also wanna teach the kids about sustainability, with 8 elements from the United Nation’s 17 sustainable development goals.

I mean, if you think about it, it’s like planting seeds for our future, like a gardener of young minds, lah!

Brands coming together and expansion into Singapore

SLG also got them some worldwide brands as “purpose partners” of KidZania Singapore, so there’s defs gonna be lots happening sia!

And no worries about another sudden exit, ah, ‘cos SLG got the long-term licensing rights from KidZania.

SLG already operating KidZania Kuala Lumpur, but you know, Singapore is the place where they expand it hor?

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Get ready for KidZania Singapore’s return in Q1 2024, spread the word to the kiddos, lah.
  • Watch out for new attractions and experiences focusing on sustainability and jobs of the future.
  • Remember to check out those Sentosa Island activities as well!

So, that’s it, my dudes and dudettes!

KidZania Singapore is making this grand return, and I ain’t gonna lie, it sounds pretty dang exciting.

But what do you think, ah?

Tell me in the comments below if you’re gonna bring your kiddos there or if you’re more of a “nah, not for me” kinda person.

Remember, sharing is caring! Aiya, let’s chit chat, lah!

What do you think?

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