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Singapore Children’s Choir Wows New York with Their Rendition of ‘Home’ 🎶

Voices of Singapore Children Choir at St Patricks Cathedral New York Image via Facebook (Voices of Singapore)
Voices of Singapore Children Choir at St Patricks Cathedral New York Image via Facebook (Voices of Singapore)

Hey bro, you hear about the VOS Children’s Choir’s recent tour to New York?

Wah, solid sia, they go and perform at some big shots places like Carnegie Hall and St. Patrick’s Cathedral leh!

Now that’s something worth singing about.

Umm… so they got compliments from respected people like H.E. Mr Burhan Gafoor, who is the Ambassador and Permanent Mission of Singapore to the United Nations, lor.

Choralmusic Takes the Big Apple

But dude, let me tell you ahh, these kids really know their stuff, they spread their voices and really show off that Singaporean talent.

They no joke lah, really make us all swehhh!

Teen Darkness Corner

It’s like a dark, moody night where you could hide your sadness in the shadows, but then their voices like a bunch of glowing, magical fireflies, lighting up the sky and chasing away the gloom.

You get what I mean? This kind of magic power they got.

Home is Where the Heart Is

How I wish I could be there in New York when they sang that sweet, sweet song ‘Home’ by Kit Chan.

That song always makes my heart go ahh… you know, like I super proud to be from Singapore lah.

Actionable Takeaways

  • Next time ah, these VOS Children’s Choir got concert in Singapore, must jio me hor. Want to support local talent also.
  • Check out their Facebook page lah, they got so many more stories about their tour.
  • Watch their Full YouTube livestream below where they sang at St. Patrick’s Cathedral! Better late than never, right?

Okay, my friend, so now how?

All these information I give you not bad hor?

You also feel very dark and moody or super proud for our young talents?

Come on lah, share with me your thoughts.

How you feel when our young choir people go perform on big stages leh?

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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