The True Secret Behind a Happy Singaporean Employee

Work-Life Balance in Singapore
Work-Life Balance in Singapore
  1. Singaporeans resigning to improve work-life balance (41%).
  2. Low compensation & rising cost of living also a factor (38%).
  3. Non-monetary benefits important for employee satisfaction (79%).

Wah lau eh, work-life balance becoz so important in our little red dot, Singapore.

Randstad release one report saying people quit their jobs to improve work-life balance.

Really meh? Ya, really!

Just Keep It Balanced, Bro

So 41% of the people say they leave their jobs to improve work-life balance, while 38% said it’s because of low pay and cost of living going up.

Employment is impt but people also looking for companies that give them good work experience, feel happy there.

Not only kaya, also need that “can-tahan” vibe.

Why People Quit Their Jobs?

Here hor, got top 5 reasons people say byebye to their jobs:

  1. Improve my work-life balance – 41%
  2. Low pay & cost of living goin’ up – 38%
  3. Lack career growth-opportunities – 33%
  4. Got “cannot say no” job offer – 28%
  5. No more interest in my job, sian – 25%

Some people want a company that has a good culture, let them balance work and personal life.

Flexible work schedule ok, but need more than that, how work fits into life lah.

Not Just About Money, Ok?

Report shows 79% of people say non-monetary benefits are imp’t when choosing a job.

No need to be so monetary minded lor, good workplace relationships with manager and colleagues can make people feel better.

The Need for a Supportive Workplace

Nowadays, talent more impt, not only good salary can attract top peeps.

Companies need to give better work experience and show employees got chance to grow and learn new things, they will feel like they belong to the group and less sian.

Leh, Can Teach Me Somemore?

Singaporean workers keen to learn more, upskill and reskill but employers sometimes no listen.

Survey says 69% believe upskilling and reskilling needed, but only 54% actually get chance to learn from companies.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • As company, try to give better work-life balance, create good work culture
  • Money not everything, consider non-monetary benefits to make team happy
  • Give opportunities to upskill, reskill to attract and keep talent

Aiya, so the point is we all want good work-life balance, happy workplace and grow in our career.

What about you? What the most impt thing you see in a job? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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