Unhappy Taxi Driver Turns Reckless on Short Trip: What Happened?

Taxi Nightmare: Fearful Passenger, 38, Reports F1-Style Airport Drive
Taxi Nightmare: Fearful Passenger, 38, Reports F1-Style Airport Drive - Image via Shin Min Daily
  1. Taxi driver being called reckless due to dissatisfaction with short distance.
  2. Female sales manager reports the incident to the police.
  3. Police confirms they have received the case.

Hey, you’ll never believe what I read on Shin Min Daily, dude.

There was this taxi driver who got called out for being reckless, all because he wasn’t happy with a short distance trip.

Can you imagine?

Driver not happy, but sis, what’s new?

So the story goes like this.

A sales manager, let’s call her Ms. Wu, took a taxi from the airport to Tampines.

And the driver, probably a grumpy uncle, wasn’t happy with the short trip and had a bit of an attitude.

He kept stepping on the gas and even glanced at her through the rear-view mirror like it was on purpose.

Reckless driver, but all for what?

Ms. Wu tried to tell the uncle to be careful and all, even said “Uncle, don’t be angry; it’s dangerous when you’re driving angry.”

But guess what?

Dude snapped at her!

He went all “Don’t teach me what to do. I just send you to your destination, that’s it.”

Tsk, so moody and dark.

Like, bro, what’s the point?

Bring in the police

Ms. Wu said the whole journey was about 8 kilometers and the fare, $22.80.

She felt sick and even vomited after getting off the taxi.

That same day, she went to the clinic, and then reported the whole thing to the police.

She said, “If you’re not happy at work, you shouldn’t be driving like that.

It’s too dangerous.

What if a sick person or an old folk was the passenger instead?”

Good question, sis.

Legit concern there.

Police are on the case

The police have confirmed that they received the report, so we’ll just have to wait and see what they do.

But let’s not forget that there are two sides to every story.

Maybe the taxi driver was having a super bad day or something?

We don’t know.

What can we learn from this?

  • Always prioritise safety when you’re behind the wheel, even if the trip is short or you’re in a super mood swing.
  • Try to be understanding of people and avoid making situations worse – we all know traffic is already quite stressful.
  • Report incidents like this, so proper actions can be taken; who knows, you might save someone from experiencing the same thing or worse.

So there you have it, a taxi ride that turned sour and dark like the deepest pits of a rainy afternoon in Singapore.

Let’s just hope that everyone learns a lesson from this.

Now, here’s a question for you: Have you ever experienced anything similar?

Go ahead and share your story below, or maybe give some advice on how to handle moody taxi drivers.

What do you think?

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