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“You Really Got Some Issues”: Kumar’s Message to Jocelyn Chia

Kumar - Image via Instagram
Kumar - Image via Instagram
  1. Kumar apologises to Malaysians over Jocelyn Chia’s stand-up comedy content.
  2. Instagram users show support for Kumar and Malaysians, criticising Jocelyn Chia.
  3. Comedy apology brings unity between Singaporeans and Malaysians.

Hey bro, wah lau eh, you must have heard some hot tea lately, right?

Let me tell you lah, all about Jocelyn Chia’s stand-up comedy clip, and how it stirred up feelings between Singapore and Malaysia.

So, sit back, relax, ah? Ready? Ok lah, here we go.

Comedian Kumar posted a video where he apologised to Malaysians for Jocelyn Chia’s stand-up comedy.

This incident showed that sometimes comedy can bring people together, not just for laughs eh.

So, let’s dive in deeper, can?

Why Kumar Apologised?

So, sis, Kumar felt sorry for Jocelyn Chia’s content, where she used comedy to vent her anger and hatred, ah.

He even shared some heartfelt words for Malaysians, saying, “we, Singapore, we need Malaysia for fun, food, leisure, and for some of us work” and telling Jocelyn Chia “you really got some issues” lah.

Not every day you see a comedian apologise for another one hor?

Instagram Show of Unity

And guess what? The Instagram community, full of Singaporeans and Malaysians, all rally together, bae.

One user said: “Dont worry Kumar, as a Malaysian I stil prefer your **** with bell 🙌❤️”.

See, we got love and support for each other, regardless of nationality lor.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Be more sensitive when it comes to comedy, dun offend others lor.
  • Show some love and support, no need to be angry or hateful can?
  • Remember, comedy should bring people together, make everyone laugh and feel good, umm?

In conclusion, as we see from this apology story, we shouldn’t let provocations and misunderstandings damage friendships between countries.

Chin up, hor, and let’s celebrate things that unite us instead, ok?

Food, fun, and, of course, good comedy lah.

Now, your turn to speak up, bae – what you think about this incident, and how important it is for comedy to be respectful and bring people together, not tear them apart, ah?

Share your thoughts below lah, let’s chit-chat, can?

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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