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The Tale of Two Singapores: One Prosperous, One Ghost Town

The Tale of Two Singapores: One Prosperous, One Ghost Town
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Imagine a headline reading, “Singapore Buried Beneath Sand Dunes – but Not Where You Think!

Surprise! It’s not our sunny island bathed in the warm sea breeze.

This Singapore is in a distant western land:

Michigan, United States.

Wikipedia reports that it was once a vibrant outpost teetering on the edge of the expansive Lake Michigan.

In its heyday, it rivalled the grandeur of cities like Chicago and Milwaukee, but it’s not the Singapore you’re thinking of right now.

The Spectacular Rise and Fall

Founded by a New York land speculator named Oshea Wilder in 1836, Singapore, Michigan was brimming with ambition and activity.

At its height, it had three mills, two glamorous hotels, a handful of general stores, and even a bank.

In fact, the town was home to Michigan’s first schoolhouse!

However, fortunes can change as quickly as the weather in Michigan.

Following a slew of devastating fires in 1871, desperate Midwestern cities chopped down the surrounding forests to rebuild.

With the loss of the trees, nature took an unkind turn on Singapore, Michigan.

The winds grew fierce, the mighty sand dunes began to shift and swallow the once bustling town.

By 1875, the town had vanished, consumed by the hungry sands of Lake Michigan shoreline.

The Thrilling Tales

One of the most enchanting aspects of this tale are the legends that have sprung up around it.

Legends such as the tale of a gritty townsfolk who refused to leave his home, even as the sand threatened to consume it.

His stubborn spirit saw him enter and exit his doomed dwelling through a second-floor window, until the merciless sand reached the rooftop.

The ghost town of Singapore, Michigan, however, lives on in spirit and name, its memory kept alive by the Singapore Yacht Club located at one end of the deserted town.

Practical Takeaways

  • Singapore, Michigan stands as a grave reminder of the impacts of deforestation.
  • Let’s all do our parts to preserve our environment and protect our own sunny island.
  • The sands of time may obliterate tangible structures, but it’s the legends and tales that pervade and keep the spirit of a place alive.

You might be in for a surprise the next time you search for Singapore online.

There’s more than one of us, and each Singapore has a unique story of its own.

Let’s Conclude by Shifting Sands

Just as the shifting sands buried Singapore, Michigan, time has a way of changing our own Singapore.

And just like that stubborn resident who clung onto his weather-beaten home, we too hold onto our Singaporean spirit, adapting and standing steadfast against the trials of time.

So, when you next enjoy our tropical sun, spare a thought for the other Singapore, buried under the sands.

We might share the same name, but our destinies couldn’t be more different.

A parting question for you, dear reader: How do you think our Singapore will be remembered in centuries to come?

Cant Get Enough?

Here’s a video of the lost city of Singapore:

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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