Big Stuff! By 2030, 1,000 Migrant Worker Dorms to Be Redesigned!

Big Stuff By 2030, 1,000 Migrant Worker Dorms to Be Redesigned
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  1. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will transition approximately 1,000 dormitory facilities to improved standards under the Dormitory Transition Scheme (DTS) by 2030.
  2. Public health resilience within these migrant worker dormitories will be strengthened through measures aiming at reducing the spread of infectious diseases.
  3. These dormitories will adhere to the New Dormitory Standards (NDS) by 2040.

MOM reports that a significant transition is underway. It’s a leap, aiming to make migrant worker housing not just a place to rest, but a safe haven against diseases.

Across the Globe, A Common Struggle

Migrant living conditions, often concerning, need a hard look.

These scenario stretches far beyond Singapore’s horizon.

Many migrant workers worldwide are housed in less than ideal conditions, with lack of proper hygiene and overcrowding being frequent issues.

The Curves of the Law

Framing these conditions are laws, national and international.

But laws echo just half the story.

Norms are vital, too. Take, for instance, the recent amendments to the Foreign Employee Dormitories Act to benefit around 1,500 dormitories with seven or more beds.

Evidence Speaks

Across the globe, some camps get it right. Others falter.

Dormitory standards in migrant camps show the gamut of best practices and areas needing work.

An example from afar or close to home can hear the faint whisper or loud roar of needed change.

A Forward March

It is about enhancement. More spacious living, improved toilet facilities.

And more. Consider the DTS recommendation for no more than 12 residents per room, with at least 1m spacing between beds.

Laws. Improved dormitory standards for migrants. March onward. And better the living.

Everyone’s in It

Improvement is not a spectator’s game.

NGO’s, communities, and you. Yes, you. Could help enforce and better these standards.

So next time you stumble upon unsatisfactory living conditions for migrant workers, know that you can make a change.

New Words, Bright Future

“The Dormitory Transition Scheme (DTS) will strengthen public health resilience in migrant worker dormitories against future disease outbreaks by improving their ability to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.”

These are new words.

But they sketch bright tomorrow for migrant workers, as the scheme promises to provide safer and more comfortable living conditions.

And Now, Over to You

Change begins at home.

It means looking out for each other.

How will you contribute to raising dwelling standards for Singapore’s migrant workers?

What do you think?

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