Changi Airport Soars to 89% of Pre-Pandemic levels!

Changi Airport Soars to 89 of Pre-Pandemic levels
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  1. Passenger movements at Singapore Changi Airport in 2023 have recovered to 89% of 2019 levels.
  2. The airport recorded a total of 27,800 landings and take-offs in September 2023, about 89% of the September 2019 level.
  3. About 15.3 million passengers were handled at Changi Airport during Q3 2023, underlining an encouraging recovery path while upcoming airline connections promise further strength.

Changi Airport Group reports that Changi Airport is stepping towards pre-pandemic levels, exhibiting a steady performance with a noticeable boost in passenger traffic, particularly from China.

The Current State of Changi Airport

Seizing the present, let’s look at the data.

In September 2023 alone, Changi Airport managed 4.87 million passengers.

That’s 89% of the movements from September 2019.

When it comes to airfreight, 154,000 tonnes were handled in the same month.

Looking at the third quarter in its entirety, the airport saw 15.3 million passengers and aircraft movement reached 85,600.

The rise from the preceding months is valuable, showing a recovery of 89% compared to the third quarter of 2019.

Deep Dive into the Performance Analysis by Country

China, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand topped the charts.

They were the major contributors to Changi’s traffic in the third quarter of 2023.

Interestingly, during the two-month summer school break in July and August, China saw a surge in travel, pushing the country into Changi’s top five markets.

On the air cargo front, India shone bright with a growth of 21% compared to the corresponding period in 2019.

So, while the worldwide air cargo traffic saw a slight decline, India remained an exception to the trend.

The Airlines Serving Changi

It’s a hustling hub and not just for the travellers.

As many as 94 airlines are operating out of Changi, flying over 6,400 weekly scheduled flights.

This connects our island nation with 151 cities in 49 countries globally.

Services like the China Eastern Airlines’ flight to Beijing Daxing Airport and Singapore Airlines’ upcoming passage to Brussels are expanding Changi’s connectivity sphere.

Indeed, a network woven well.

Changi’s Future Outlook and Plans

In simple terms, more connections.

“We will continue to collaborate with airlines to reinstate more city links and fortify existing routes,” assures Mr. Lim Ching Kiat, Changi Airport Group’s Executive Vice President for Air Hub and Cargo Development.

Take for instance, the upcoming Singapore Airlines’ flights between Singapore and Brussels.

Starting from April 2024, this service would increment Changi’s passenger city links to Europe to 16.

Steps such as this keep enhancing Changi Airport’s connectivity to the rest of the world, giving it a solid future outlook.

Overcoming the Pandemic: Changi’s Efforts

This journey wasn’t a smooth sail.

From the disastrous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to a gradual recovery, Changi’s journey has been a testament to resilience and planning.

Several measures were put into place for the safety of passengers and to restore confidence in air travel.

Strategic efforts were also made to increase passenger flow, drawing back travellers to skyways.

And now, with China reopening its borders, Singapore is benefitting remarkably, especially Changi Airport.

The passenger traffic to and from China has regained its pace, positively influencing Changi Airport’s performance.

These initiatives and more unfolded in 2023, restoring Changi’s rhythm.

Thus, Changi, busy as a bee, has remained steadfast amidst the global crisis.

With numerous airlines operating, notable growth from certain markets, and a promising future strategy, Changi stands poised.

Will Changi continue to thrive and how will its story unfold in the coming times?

Your guesses are as good as ours.

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