Beware the Trap: Fake Online Job Scams in Singapore

Job Scam Alert
Job Scam Alert

• Police warn of fake online job scams in Singapore
• Scammers use surveys to gain trust before offering fake jobs
• Protect yourself by being vigilant and verifying job offers

A storm of fake online job scams has hit Singapore. Scammers use surveys to bait people and offer fake jobs.

This trap has caught more than a thousand victims since January 2023. Don’t let it catch you too.

Beware the Fake Online Job Scam

The fake online job scam starts with an innocent message.

You get a text on WhatsApp or Telegram asking you to take a survey.

The questions are simple, about food delivery platforms, tourism, or events.

After you finish, you get a small commission. This is the bait.

The Scam Takes Shape

Once you take the bait, the scammers reel you in.

They give you another contact, promising more rewarding jobs.

You join a group chat where they list tasks like “boosting” crypto or “rating” mobile apps.

But to do these tasks, you must create accounts on scam websites and transfer money to the scammers.

Some victims even put in more of their own money for various reasons.

In the end, the victims cannot withdraw their commission, and the scammers vanish.

Don’t Get Caught in the Web

To protect yourself from fake online job scams, you must be vigilant.

Double-check job offers before you accept them.

Don’t give your personal information to strangers.

And most importantly, never transfer money to unknown accounts.

Actionable and Practical Takeaways

• Be cautious with unsolicited messages on WhatsApp or Telegram
• Verify job offers before accepting them
• Never transfer money to unknown accounts

Fake online job scams can catch you if you’re not careful.

Be alert and protect yourself by being cautious with unsolicited messages, verifying job offers, and keeping your money safe.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Have you ever encountered a fake online job scam? Share your experience and tips for staying safe in the comments below.

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