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How Undeclared Goods Cost these 115 Travellers Big Time!

Customs Sign at Changi Airport
Customs Sign at Changi Airport
  • Got one big bust at Changi Airport by Singapore Customs, they caught 115 people who never say they bring dutiable and taxable stuffs into Singapore.
  • They manage to collect $18,491 in duty and GST, and also got $28,000 in penalties from these naughty people.
  • If these people just declare and pay for their stuff in advance, they wouldn’t kena so big trouble. They can do it via the Customs@SG Web Application.

Dude, I gotta tell you lah, Singapore Customs recently caught 115 travellers who never declare their duti-shudder-able stuff and taxable goods they bring into Singapore.

It happened from 15 to 21 May 2023, and they recovered $18,491 in duty and GST, while also getting like $28,000 in penalties.

Wah lau eh, that’s a lot of money sia.

Ok ok, enough of that, let’s dig into this crazy story, like digging into those yummilicious curry puffs, you know?

So there’s this joint press release that talked about people trying to like, avoid declaring goods in Singapore Customs that they bought from overseas.

You know, fancy stuff like cigarettes, liquor, and even designer bags, babe!

So let’s dive deeper into this ocean of stories (which I hope has lovely rose petals and satin sheets), shall we?

First Up: Declare and Pay Lah!

Big boss, Ms Sung Pik Wan from Singapore Customs said people need to declare and pay for everything, like legit everything.

If you’re lost, check their website or ask the officers at the checkpoint, it’s like asking the ah bengs for directions at the kopitiam.

Or just use your phone lah, you tech-savvy person.

The Operation (Like a Spy Movie Scene!)

The operation happened at Changi Airport’s Arrival Halls, where they do the bag checks for undeclared, dutiable stuff, as well as prohibited items, like bringing your favourite pet rooster into the country (why would you even?).

They found a bunch of people with loads of things ah, like:

  • Guy with five luxury bags, wah lau eh, worth $13,825, sia – got fined $1,106.
  • A gal with one fancy watch and one bag – got fined $450.96.
  • Some dude from overseas, soon-to-be birthday boy I guess, with 6 packs of cigarettes in a “Happy Birthday” wrapper. How festive.
  • Employment Pass Holder tried to avoid paying $15.14 excise duty for a whisky bottle by cheeky declaration. Tsk tsk tsk, bro.

Fines and Penalties (Like a Black Metal Concert, But Not As Fun)

Under the Customs Act, if you get caught evading or even trying to evade, you could either get fined up to 20 times the amount of duty and GST evaded, or you can get jailed up to two years, bae.

Not very atas, if you ask me.

And also, if you don’t like surprises (who doesn’t?), you can declare and pay in advance – up to 3 days before you reach Singapore, with Customs@SG Web Application.

It’s like booking that luxury spa treatment before your big date night, ah!

Lastly, Pay Or Get An Educated Answer

If you’re still blur like sotong about the GST import relief entitlements or duty-free stuff, you can ask the friendly Singapore Customs officers at the Customs Tax Payment Office.

Get more info by calling 6355 2000, or check their website.

Source: 115 Travellers Caught For Not Declaring Dutiable And Taxable Goods Brought Into Singapore.

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