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Discover Woodlands Train Checkpoint’s New Speedy Kiosks!

Photo - Facebook (ICA)
Photo - Facebook (ICA)
  1. Faster Immigration Clearance with new kiosks at Woodlands Train Checkpoint.
  2. ICA installed 10 new kiosks for eligible travellers.
  3. Passengers can experience quicker clearance as kiosks take half the time of a manual counter.

Wah lau eh, Woodlands Train Checkpoint got upgrade!

CNA said ICA installed 10 new kiosks for faster immigration clearance, like one fast and furious movie sia!

New Kiosks Improving Clearance Time and Capacity

These kiosk things are super helpful la.

Y’know, it’s like having a whole bunch of ants working together in a big sandwich factory.

As CNA reported, these 10 new kiosks at Woodlands Train Checkpoint improve clearance speed and capacity since March.

Similar Process to Automated Lanes, Takes Less Time

Eligible people can just scan passports and capture biometrics.

Same-same as automated lanes, but faster like Flash!

The process at kiosks takes around 24 seconds in comparison to 45 seconds at manual counter – thanks ICA, time is gold after all.

New Immigration Kiosks at Woodlands Train Checkpoint - Photo Facebook (ICA)
New Immigration Kiosks at Woodlands Train Checkpoint – Photo Facebook (ICA)

Space Constraints Solved by Kiosks

Woodlands Train Checkpoint got space constraints, but these kiosks don’t need much space, so it’s a win-win lor.

They arranged like a cluster of em’ kiosks to maximise the limited space they got.

Kiosk Immigration Clearance for Eligible Travellers

Eligible travellers are Singapore residents, long-term pass holders, and short-term visitors who had previously enrolled under the Automated Clearance Initiative (ACI).

Everybody likes convenience leh, so this should keep us happy like an otter sliding down a water slide.

Positive Impact on Checkpoint and Travellers

Increased capacity with kiosks will prevent overcrowding at train platforms and trains can turn around faster, so everyone can move smoother.

It’s like the road when got no traffic jam.

Plus, Woodlands Checkpoint deputy commander and ICA superintendent Tong Weijie told CNA that ICA officers can be redeployed to areas need more manpower.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Go and try the new kiosks, lah!
  • Enroll in the Automated Clearance Initiative (ACI) to use kiosks, if eligible.
  • Enjoy the faster clearance process and appreciate the ICA’s efforts to make travel life easier.

So, think about it – immigration got faster, trains won’t be so packed, and travellers can save precious time.

Isn’t it great ah? You can just zoom-zoom through immigration now.

What do you think?

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