How A Quick-Thinking Passerby Saved Lives at Hougang Fire Scene

How A Quick-Thinking Passerby Saved Lives at Hougang Fire Scene
How A Quick-Thinking Passerby Saved Lives at Hougang Fire Scene - Image via SCDF
  1. Fire breaks out at Block 308 Hougang Ave 5, causes damage.
  2. SCDF and SPF officers respond quickly, with evacuations taking place.
  3. Preventative measures and tips shared to reduce electrical fires.

Hey bae, got a wild story for ya.

SCDF posted about this fire at Block 308 Hougang Ave 5, and it’s got me thinking.

You know, about how we should be more careful with our electrical stuff.

Fire ah, it faster than F1 car

So, SCDF says this fire started in a bedroom on the 13th floor and spread until the whole unit had heat and soot damage.

Like, imagine how fast that must’ve been?

Reminds me of the time my mom burned my favorite shirt because she ironed too long.


Got heroes among us, leh

In case you thought some people just don’t care, listen to this.

The police and residents from nearby units helped to evacuate other people – team spirit!

And one passerby even went to the hospital for smoke inhalation because he was helping out.

Good job!

SCDF go “You better take note!”

Now onto the serious stuff – gotta learn to avoid these fire incidents, ok?

SCDF says that the fire might be because of an electrical issue.

So how?

Don’t overload power sockets, switch off things when not in use, and don’t use faulty wires or devices.

It’s like my uncle always says: “If got problem, don’t force it, just change!”

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Switch off appliances when not in use, don’t waste energy like running after lost love.
  • Check electrical appliances because they have a life span too – like friendship, not forever one.
  • Don’t leave batteries or devices to charge too long – just like my mood, it can explode.

In conclusion, dude, fire is no joke.

Be more responsible with our electrical stuff can already.

Spread the word, like how gossip spreads in school, because prevention is better than cure.

So how’s your house electrical safety? Share your experience, maybe we can learn from each other.

Leave a comment, ok? Don’t be shy!

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