Man Tasered After Attacking Auxiliary Officer with Metal Bar

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
  1. Man, 31, go crazy and use metal bar to whack auxiliary police officer.
  2. Police come and taser this guy, then arrest him for a bunch of offences, including possible drug stuff.
  3. Hospital trip for both the man and the police officer, but luckily nobody too serious injured.

You know, like that time Mum told me if I ate too much chocolate, I’d turn into a chocolate bar-right?

Okay, that may be a bit random, but it relates lah – we all have something we regret doing.

And for this man, his regret may be playing with the metal bar and getting tasered.

The Laser Show

Imagine this: this crazy guy, dressed in black, swinging his metal bar around like he’s some kungfu master or something.

The police try to calm him down lah, tell him to stop, but he still act hero and challenge them.

Then, finally, one officer fire the taser and *kapow*! Down he goes.

Honestly, who needs video games when we got this kind of entertainment in real life?

Was it Worth it?

Now the million-dollar question: was it worth it?

This guy, who might have been high on drugs, attacked a police officer, refused to calm down, and then got a taser for his troubles.

Talk about a series of bad decisions!

But seriously, we need to think about why things like this still happen in Singapore.

And if we can understand that, maybe we can find ways to prevent similar incidents in the future.

So, what’s next?

What can we learn from this wild tale of the tasered assailant? Here’s some takeaways for all of us:

  • Don’t mess with law enforcement – they have tasers, bro
  • Maybe anger management classes are a good idea for some people
  • Just say no to drugs, because who wants to be that guy? Not cool lah!

So, my fellow kakis, we’re now at a tasered end.

Let’s take today’s story as a reminder that there’s always a better way to deal with our problems, instead of taking them out on friends, neighbours, or even the police.

Stay safe, stay smart, and most importantly, stay away from tasers.

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