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One App to Rule Them All: SimplyGo’s Game-Changing Move

SimplyGo Website - Image via LTA
SimplyGo Website - Image via LTA
  1. EZ-Link, TransitLink transit and travel card services will be consolidated under SimplyGo branding.
  2. SimplyGo app will be a one-stop app for all transit-related transactions by end-2023.
  3. TransitLink’s customer service centres will be rebranded to SimplyGo Ticket Offices and SimplyGo Ticketing Service Centres.

Hey bae, got some news lah! LTA said that EZ-Link and TransitLink gonna join up under the SimplyGo brand, lor.

So it’s like now all those services under one roof, like aunty’s nasi lemak stall with sambal and chicken all there, no need to go anywhere else.

SimplyGo Integration: A One-Stop App for Commuters

The SimplyGo app will be like your go-to best friend, sia.

By end-2023, it’s going to have all we need for transit-related stuff, like instant card blocking and checking card balance just by tapping the phone.

No more hassle, can? So onz.

SimplyGo Website: One Place for All Ticketing and Travel Info

Wah, bae, SimplyGo also revamped their website.

They make it clean and shiny like sunny day on Sentosa Beach.

All info about ticketing and travel stuff, walao, all there for you, nice and easy.

Just go, and there you have it, power or not?

SimplyGo Website - Image via LTA
SimplyGo Website – Image via LTA

Customer Service in a Jiffy: SimplyGo Ticket Offices and Service Centers

Bro, remember those TransitLink’s customer service centres?

Now they become SimplyGo Ticket Offices and SimplyGo Ticketing Service Centres, same function but with a new coat of paint!

Commuters can continue to find help there for top-ups, refunds, card services, everything lah!

Hotlines: Simply Call for Help

Hey sis, no worry about who to call when card or ticket related problem comes.

Just give a buzz to SimplyGo via those existing hotlines.

Got trained customer service officers ready to help you with your questions, even if it’s like you desperate for tissue papers in the toilet, they got you covered, ok lah?

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Start using the SimplyGo app for transit-related transactions – less time chasing things around like playing catching, faster and easier deal, can?
  • Check out the revamped SimplyGo website for ticketing and travel info – clean, easy peasy, it’s our one-stop info fix.
  • SimplyGo Ticket Offices and SimplyGo Ticketing Service Centres will assist you with your card and ticketing needs – efficient like kopi uncle during morning rush hours.

So ya, this SimplyGo Integration thing is coming and it’s gonna make our lives way easier, like boss giving you half day off on Friday.

But hor, what do you think?

What do you think?

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