Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon’s Fake Passport from a Singapore Agency?

Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon's Fake Passport from a Singapore Agency? - Image via Artist Impression
Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon's Fake Passport from a Singapore Agency? - Image via Artist Impression
  • Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon got arrested in Montenegro for using a fake Costa Rican passport.
  • He claimed he got this passport through a Singapore agency recommended by a friend.
  • The court hearing took place on 16th June in the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica.

Hey, heard this Do Kwon story from South Korean news outlet Segye Ilbo or not?

On 16th June, this fella was at the Podgorica court.

He said he got the Costa Rican passport from our Singapore agency.

A friend recommended, so he trusted.

But wah lau eh, he also had a Belgian passport from another agency ah.

Where got so many passport one?

Trust, but Verify

So he say, he applied for a Granada passport from the same agency, but kena reject.

But when he apply Costa Rican one, they say can.

So, he didn’t suspect anything wrong.

But like that also can meh?

If I want to buy chicken rice, suddenly they give me nasi lemak, I also will ask question what.

Montenegro Court Drama

On the day of the court hearing, the judge ask him what’s the name of the agency, but wah this guy, he says he forgot.

Say the name in Chinese, but he cannot remember.

Then this Kwon still defending his buddy who got caught with him, say if got punishment, only punish him.

You think what, hero movie is it?”

The Verdict

Then the court say they not innocent.

Say their passports not from legal source, so confirm someone purposely made it.

Both of them now got sentenced to four months in jail.

This sentence even includes the time they already spent in jail from 23rd March to 15th June.

Wah, quite jialat for them.”

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Always verify any agency before you use their service.
  • If something seems too easy, or too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Don’t try to outsmart the law, you’ll always lose.

So bro, you see, life not like movie, you cannot simply use fake passport and think can fly away.

This Do Kwon, he got stuck in his own web lah.

Eh, you all think what? Next time got any shady agency ask you do funny things, you will do or not?

What do you think?

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