US Comedian Jocelyn Chia Told BBC: Malaysia Involving Interpol ‘Ridiculous’

Jocelyn Chia via YouTube
Jocelyn Chia via YouTube
  1. US comedian Jocelyn Chia made a joke about missing flight MH370, sparking outrage in Malaysia.
  2. Malaysian police plan to ask Interpol for help in locating Ms Chia for investigation.
  3. Chia insists her joke has been taken out of context and that she isn’t making fun of the tragedy.

Hey bro, have you heard ’bout this MH370 joke thingy?

So there’s this US comedian Jocelyn Chia, right?

She made a joke lah about that missing plane, MH370.

Got people in Malaysia super worked up, even involve the Interpol lor.

She told BBC Malaysia’s reaction to MH370 joke is ‘ridiculous’.

Comedy in Tragedy?

You know ah, comedy sometimes pokes fun at things that happened.

Chia said she wasn’t making fun of the tragedy and victims, but finding humour in it.

Umm, some people okay with it, some not so much.

The Malaysian police so angry they want to ask Interpol for help to find her wor.

Why It Went Viral

Jocelyn said her joke was taken out of context when it went on social media ah.

She already performed this joke many times before, and everybody laughed.

She thought it was okay to use. But then who can control the Internet right?

Things go viral, sometimes cannot control how people react hor?

What the World Thinks

So many different opinions about this MH370 Joke.

Some people think it’s just satire, others think it’s insensitive.

Then got Singapore’s Foreign Minister, Vivian Balakrishnan, who said the joke was “horrendous.”

Wah lau eh, this joke really stirred up somethin’ fierce leh.

Comedy in Asia vs America

Chia explained that in New York, where she is now based, comics have used even the September 11 terror attacks as joke material leh.

Over there, they like humour more harsh, edgy, and in-your-face.

But in Asia, stand-up comedy still growing, so the type of humour different lah.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Chill lah, everyone has different senses of humour.
  • Sometimes, we have to consider context when judging a joke.
  • As the comedy scene grows in Asia, maybe we need to be more open to different styles of humour?

So there you go. This MH370 Joke causing so much controversy.

Comedy is supposed to make people laugh, but sometimes it also makes people think and reflect, y’know?

Eh, sis, now I’m curious.

Do you think this joke is really that offensive? Or can we find humour in it?

Leave your thoughts below, lah!

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