Where and How to Donate Food in Singapore?

Where and How to Donate Food in Singapore
Where and How to Donate Food in Singapore?
  1. Food waste is a pressing issue in Singapore, with over 744 million kilograms generated annually.
  2. Organisations like Food Bank Singapore and Food from the Heart are doing their part to redistribute surplus food items, lessening the waste and aiding those in need.
  3. Lions Home For The Elders accepts fresh produce and groceries to aid the elderly and needy, simultaneously combatting food shrinkage.
  4. Despite ranking highly in the Global Food Security Index, Singapore sees pockets of food insecurity within its borders, highlighting the importance of food donation drives and charities.

Secondmeal, a non-profit platform, voices a resonating message: “Secondmeal exists to be a vehicle to give your gift of a second meal to those in need.”

Striking, isn’t it?

Like an echo, this message reverberates across the island city.

Even within a modern metropolis like Singapore, the issue of food inadequacy persists.

Food Waste: An Unseen Mountain

Mountain of Food Waste

Picture this: We discard about 744 million kilograms of edibles every year – one of the biggest waste streams.

That’s enough foodstuff to fill more than 100,000 single deck buses!

Startling, isn’t it?

The Food Bank Singapore works towards a solution – by becoming a prevailing centralised coordinating organisation.

Gathering excess food from all corners – individuals, retailers and food manufacturers, they redistribute where it’s needed most.

In their campaign against waste, they’ve placed over 80 food bank boxes throughout the island.

They include shopping malls and corporate offices.

But it’s not just about reducing waste; it’s the people they uplift that truly measure their worth.

Their free food rations and meals are provided to over 300 organisations in Singapore.

Pockets of Food Insecurity in a Food-Secure Nation

Food Insecurity in Singapore

Food paradise. Culinary haven. Singapore has been called many names.

Yet beneath its shiny exterior, about 4.1% of the population grapples with food insecurity.

Cruel irony, indeed.

Lions Home For The Elders strives to address this.

“We are accepting fresh food like vegetables, fruits, bread, canned food…” the necessities we sometimes take for granted.

Their generosity extends to the most vulnerable in society – our elderly the destitute.

Besides providing nutritional sustenance (quality food), this also curbs food wastage.

Donate Food, Singapore? – The Call for Food Donations

Call for Food Donation

“Donate your excess food.” That’s the call to action.

It’s a call to challenge food wastage and lend a helping hand to those who need it.

Whether dry and packaged items to The Food Bank Singapore or fresh produce to Lions Home For The Elders.

Parting Thoughts: The Responsibility Is Ours

Shared Responsibility

Yes, food prices have been rising.

And yes, a significant portion of our community grapples with food inadequacy.

But amidst these issues, one thing rings clear: we can do something about it.

Recall the quote from Secondmeal?

That’s one outlet. But it’s not the only one.

Organisations like Willing Hearts, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Free Food For All need our assistance.

It’s not just about reducing waste but also about circulating this food to those in need.

It is about ensuring every Singaporean gets their fair share and seeing that nobody is left behind.

This little red dot is our home. Let’s, you and me, make it a better place for all.

Can we count on you to donate food?

Where to Donate Food in Singapore?

You can donate in-kind donations (donate food items) or via online cash donations at these charity organisations or Food Bank Singapore to help end food insecurity:

Food Bank Singapore

Food Bank Singapore Logo

Food from the Heart

Food from the Heart Logo
  • Drop off food donations at the Food from the Heart office during operating hours, 24/7 donation boxes, and community shop food donation box locations.
  • You can also order from online grocers like Fairprice or Redmart, select the items listed in their Wish Lists, and include the delivery address of their office.
  • The priorities on their wish list include white rice; biscuits, less sugar; canned vegetables – especially beans; and coffee or tea, less sugar.
  • Food from the Heart supports low-income families, older adults and others in need in Singapore.
  • Website: https://www.foodfromtheheart.sg
  • Contact number: +65 6280 4483

Free Food for All

  • Help by monthly subscription, order food products/merchandise online or drop off items at their community fridge.
  • Provide halal-certified food and nutritious meals to vulnerable individuals, children and families regardless of race, religion and nationality.
  • Website: https://www.freefood.org.sg
  • Contact number: +65 6530 3424

Lions Home For The Elders

  • Drop off in-kind donations at Lions Home Bishan or Bedok during operating hours with receipts for auditing purposes.
  • Please inform them of the date, time and location of delivery at least one week in advance.
  • Accepts non-perishable food donations (fresh vegetables and fruits).
  • Website: https://lionshome.org.sg
  • Contact number: +65 6252 9900 (Bishan), +65 6244 0667 (Bedok)

Ronald McDonald House Charities Singapore

Ronald McDonald House Charities Singapore Logo
  • Online donations to cover refreshments or meals for parents taking care of seriously ill children in Singapore.
  • Website: https://rmhc.sg
  • Contact number: +65 6778 1934


Secondmeal Logo
  • Buy a second meal for those in need in Singapore (non-profit organisations, charities or informal ground-up initiatives).
  • When you buy a meal, you are given a unique link that you can use to track the date and the time a beneficiary is claiming your meal.
  • Website: https://secondmeal.sg

Willing Hearts

Willing Hearts Logo
  • Willing Hearts operates a soup kitchen that cooks and distributes about 7,000 daily meals.
  • Donate online or deliver food donations to their address during operating hours.
  • Beneficiaries include the elderly, the disabled, low-income families, children from single-parent or poverty-stricken families, and migrant workers.
  • Website: https://willinghearts.org.sg
  • Contact number: +65 6476 5822

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the food waste situation in Singapore?

In Singapore, over 744 million kilograms of food are wasted annually.

What organisations are working against food waste in Singapore?

Organisations like Food Bank Singapore, Food from the Heart, and Lions Home for The Elders are actively working to redistribute surplus food items and lessen waste. They also help vulnerable communities, such as the elderly and the needy.

What is Secondmeal?

Secondmeal is a non-profit platform that exists to facilitate the donation of second meals to those in need in Singapore.

Does food insecurity exist in Singapore?

Despite ranking highly on the Global Food Security Index, about 4.1% of the Singaporean population deals with food insecurity. This underlines the importance of food donation drives and charities.

How can I donate food in Singapore?

You can donate to various organisations that accept in-kind donations (food items) like Food bank Singapore, Food from the Heart, Free Food for All, Lions Home for The Elders, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Secondmeal, and Willing Hearts. Some accept online cash donations as well.

What items should not be donated to these organisations?

Items that should not be donated include half-eaten or expired food items, and items near the end of their shelf life (expiry date).

What items are typically acceptable for donation?

Non-perishable food items are typically accepted. However, Lions Home also accepts fresh vegetables and fruits. It’s recommended that donations should have at least four weeks of shelf life.

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