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The Unfair Practices of Triple Lifestyle Marketing Pte Ltd

Unfair Practices
Unfair Practices

• State Courts orders Triple Lifestyle Marketing Pte Ltd to cease unfair practices
• Company made false claims and misled consumers
• Consumers should be cautious and protect themselves from unfair practices

In a recent case, Triple Lifestyle Marketing Pte Ltd (TLM) was found guilty of unfair practices.

The State Courts of Singapore and the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) ordered TLM and its director, Tan Jia Huang, to end these practices.

The Unfair Practices

TLM sold alkaline water filtration systems and maintenance service packages, which cost around $3,000.

But the company was found to have engaged in unfair practices, such as:

  • Making false claims about product accreditation and customers
  • Offering a free water dispenser for a limited time when no such offer existed
  • Misleading customers about repair, replacement, and filter change services
  • Accepting payment for warranty services they could not fulfil
  • Making false claims about the health benefits of alkaline and filtered water

The Court’s Judgment

TLM and Tan Jia Huang did not appear in court, so judgment was given against them.

The court ordered TLM to stop its unfair practices and Tan Jia Huang to stop aiding and abetting TLM.

The court also demanded that they publish a public notice of the court orders and pay the costs of the proceedings to CCCS.

Protecting Consumers from Unfair Practices

Consumers should be cautious when dealing with companies like TLM. Ms Sia Aik Kor, CCCS’s Chief Executive, said, “Suppliers should ensure that claims on their goods and services concerning their business are true and accurate. When claiming any health benefits of goods or services, suppliers must be able to substantiate such claims with credible evidence.”

Actionable and Practical Takeaways

• Research and verify claims made by suppliers before making a purchase
• Seek advice from trusted sources on the health benefits of products
• Report false or misleading claims to CASE or STB for assistance

The case of TLM serves as a reminder to be vigilant against unfair practices.

Consumers should do their research and be cautious when making purchases.

By staying informed and being proactive, consumers can protect themselves from dishonest suppliers and ensure they get the quality products and services they deserve.

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