Singtel & Etiqa’s Free Retrenchment Coverage Plan

Singtel Bill Protect (Photo via Singtel)
  • Singtel and Etiqa launch free retrenchment coverage called Singtel Bill Protect
  • Helps customers during economic difficulties and job uncertainty
  • Waives Singtel mobile and fixed broadband bills for up to 6 months, up to S$600

Hello friends, today got one interesting news for Singaporeans.

Singtel and Etiqa Insurance Singapore launch one special retrenchment coverage called Singtel Bill Protect.

This one very good for people kena retrenched ah.

Wah, got free retrenchment coverage

Retrenchment happens when company need to let some employees go.

So Singtel and Etiqa decided to help people by creating Singtel Bill Protect.

This plan can help people to cover their Singtel mobile and fixed broadband bills for up to 6 months, up to S$600.

Wah, very good right? It even covers accidental death one.

Why this plan so useful

You know ah, living in Singapore is expensive lah.

If suddenly kena retrenched, sure face financial problem one.

Confirm stress about bills and all.

So, Singtel Bill Protect helps ease that burden a bit.

They help cover the Singtel bills so people can focus on finding new opportunities.

Got other insurance options also

This Singtel Bill Protect is part of Singtel Protect series leh.

They got other options like Singtel Life Protect, Singtel Health Protect, and Singtel Wealth Protect.

All these together can protect us from all kinds of adversity. No more worry about the future.

Actionable & Practical Takeaways

  • Go check out Singtel Bill Protect. Useful for you or not, you see lah!
  • Remember to always have a backup plan in case of retrenchment or job loss, for example, save more money or learn new skills hor.
  • Go check other Singtel Protect insurance plans. Maybe got something useful for you one!

This Singtel Bill Protect is really something helpful during tough times.

Retrenchment can happen to anybody, so it’s better we prepare ourselves.

At least during hard times, got Singtel Bill Protect to help a bit lah.

So what you think about this Singtel Bill Protect? Good or not? Let me know below in the comments loh!

What do you think?

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