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Did You Hear? Singapore Airlines’ Free Wi-Fi for All Starts 1 July 2023!

Free WiFi on Singapore Airlines Flight
Free WiFi on Singapore Airlines Flight

Hey bae, ok lah, let me explain this news like you’re part of my sec school clique okay?

From 1 July 2023, SIA be giving people free unlimited Wi-Fi on their flights urm, except for those seven Boeing 737-800 NG planes.

But the rest all good lah!

So what this news mean for people in Singapore?

Imagine texting your best friend about your latest crush even though you’re hanging out in the sky like one of those kites during National Day Parade!

Flying high but still connected, you know what I mean or not?

But really, even if you’re not after juicy gossip, this inflight Wi-Fi means you can check your newsfeed, do work or just impress your ah ma who still thinks ‘Wi-Fi’ is some kind of special biscuit.

Anyways, SIA got all this sorted with their own Wi-Fi thingy called KrisFlyer, which even non-members can join to enjoy this free Wi-Fi, also onboard hor!

Wah lau eh, feels like SIA suddenly turned into some hipster café in Tiong Bahru sia!”

As promised, here are some bullet points to remember, bro:

  • Free Wi-Fi begins on 1 July 2023 for all cabin classes on almost all SIA flights.
  • Enter your KrisFlyer details when booking or during check-in to enjoy free Wi-Fi.
  • Non-KrisFlyer members can sign up for free to enjoy this perk too.

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Let’s create a kampung of connected travellers!

What do you think?

Written by Patrick Tan

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